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Wild Women Of The Creative Heart

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

When I was looking for a name for my intuitive painting classes many moons ago, I knew that having wild in the title was going to be important to me. I associate wildness with being real and authentic. With the essence of who we are and were before we learned to mistrust our true and authentic selves.

Wildness is a touchstone, a place to come home to and to live from, the fountain of life energy and life force that nourishes your heart, your soul and your body.

And wildness is also the source of your greatest creative aliveness.

So when I saw the title for this e-course, it really got my attention. Because what could possibly be better than an art class encouraging women to be creatively wild?

And when I saw the line-up of teachers. Oh my goodness, but I couldn’t imagine anything more delicious than being inspired and led by this incredible group of wild sisters which include the on-fire, passionately creative Hali Karla, the huge hearted Jane Cunningham, and the transformational shamaness Lisa Dieken as well as 8 other wildly creative women!!

Each and every one of these women is a creative, love filled dynamo in her own right… but bring than all together? All I know is that magic will surely happen and creative juicy goodness will flow out wildly in all directions!

What you will receive if you sign up for WILD are:

*11 self-guided video classes created by 11 diverse teachersincluding healers, coaches, artists, writers

* The opportunity to ask questions & interact with the teachers of each class for the duration of the workshop

* PDF files for each class

* Access to the videos for the entire duration of the workshop

* Supportive community of women

* Empowerment, creativity, sensuality, energy healing, transformation, fun, joy

And of course connection with all the other fabulous wild hearted creative women who will be signing up for this course.

Registration opens on March 26th and ends May 31st. And it is incredibly affordable at $49 for the entire course!!

So if you are ready to make space for your wild woman to come out and play… to feel the joy that wild creative aliveness can bring… and to allow her to energize your life in all KINDS of wondrous and mysterious ways … then this course is for YOU!

You can find out more about the course and the teachers as well as how to register by clicking this link.

Do it. NOW. Your wild woman will never be happier… and neither will you.

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Angels In My Studio Giveaway Winner!

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

I was completely blown away by all the wonderfully inspiring responses I received in answer to the question of “How does your intuition speak to you?” It felt like each one was a teaching in and of itself about how to open to the grace of intuitive information that surrounds us at all times. And I was really tickled by how many of you experience your intuition as a muse or an inner goddess who speaks to you and guides you and sometimes gives you a not so gentle kick in the pants!

Once again, there was no way that I could ever choose, because all the answers were so wise and heartfelt and true. There were 23 entries in the contest and so what I did to find the winner was ask my husband to choose a number between 1 and 23 and what he came up with was 16.

This happens to be the comment made by the lovely Melissa Muirhead who is a coach and workshop facilitator. You can find out more about her and her work at her website possibility.

And here is her wisdom regarding how to allow your intuition to speak to you:

“My intuition speaks to me when I get quiet, when I sit and let the deep centre arise within me. When I feel what is the right thing and right step to take. It is that nudge that keeps slipping in when shes telling me that I need to get something sorted and soon. She uses my body if my mind won’t listen and talks to me in tight shoulders. She is a gift and the wise part of me that I am grateful for and I take seriously the privilege I have of initiating my daughter into celebrating and working with her intuition.”

I’m just sorry that I couldn’t give ALL of you free passes to Angels In My Studio. You certainly deserved it!

Even if you didn’t win the free spot, I hope to see you all at the course! I know it’s going to be great fun and I’m confident it will fill your creative well with much juicy goodness.

And of course, if you’re still interested in attending, you can sign up here!

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Teaching What You Most Need To Learn

Thursday, March 8th, 2012


I’m a little in love with slogans.

I adore the zing of pithy sayings that keep me on track and remind me about what’s important.

We have a lot of them at the studio. And here’s a short list of some of the more popular mantras:

Trust The Brush

Ruin It Early, Ruin It Often

Resistance Is Futile

Don’t Poke The Painting Teacher With The Sharp End Of The Brush

OK. OK. That last one isn’t exactly a slogan.  More like a ground rule for my students when they get cranky with me.

But one of my favorites is : You Teach What You Most Need To Learn.

So whenever I am wondering what it is that I need to be focusing on in my life right now I pay attention to what is coming out of my mouth when I’m teaching.

And lately what I have been yammering on about is the notion of simplicity.

This has been showing up quite a bit in my teacher training program because that’s the place where I’m trying the hardest to clearly articulate the core principles of the intuitive painting process. And what I notice in my students and of course in myself, is how incredibly complicated and difficult we want to make things.

A lot of what I do as an intuitive painting teacher is to sit with my students in front of their painting and listen to them tell me what they are experiencing as they paint. What I’m paying attention to is when they are tuned into creative messages from their essential and authentic self. And when they’re not.

And if they are… great. I smile, nod, and say something along the lines of “Cool!” and walk over to my next student.

If they’re in a difficult spot, and the flow just isn’t happening, I ask a few very simple questions to help them understand what might be hanging them up. And then a few more to assist them in finding their way back to what they already know inside themselves to be real and true.

And that’s pretty much it.

In my work with my students my objective is always to be a ninja of the heart.

Which means engaging in the practice of stealthy efficiency. To get in with a gentle reminder of their own wisdom and then to get out of their way as quickly and silently as I can. To come from a place of humility and to be as invisible with my opinions and ideas as possible. My motto and my intent is to leave no trace which means trying to make sure that I don’t make their process about me and how much I have to offer.

Like any master practice, these tasks are incredibly difficult to accomplish. And I am not always as successful in reaching that state of empathic detachment as I want to be.

I know all too well what it looks like when I lose connection with that elegant simplicity of loving attunement to another person.

The complications start piling up as soon as I assume that I have to DO something more than be available with my curiosity and compassion to be effective or to have value as a teacher. Like thinking that I have to be impressive or clever or entertaining. Or operating from the belief that I have to pounce on any challenge that presents itself with the attitude of needing to fix it. And buying into the idea that my role is to solve problems or to make things better and easier for my students.

I can get into huge trouble when I imagine that what people want from me is my brainy genius or my sage and wise advice. I then make the erroneous conclusion that I have to come up with an eye-poppingly exceptional strategy or a plan to improve their situation.

And things really go off the rails when I think it is up to me to take away someone’s pain.

When I am approaching my students from this place of fixing it’s because I want to feel like I am needed and important. That I have something special and worthy to contribute to them.

If I find myself scrambling to be the all knowing teacher or the magic healer it’s because I have lost trust in what I really DO have to offer. I forget that all those clever tactics I come up with are based in the energy of trying. And are more often than not my anxious attempts to control a situation that is making ME uncomfortable for some reason.

I forget that the valued contribution I so wish to bring to my beloved students is already there. That the truly important things don’t come from effort or will.

What really matters always comes from deep presence and an open heart.

I am constantly reminding myself that what most people are looking for is just a place and a space where they can feel seen and respected for the inner wisdom and inner healer that they already have inside of them. That they simply need encouragement to trust themselves. And they need to trust that I believe they CAN trust themselves.

What they don’t need is for me to heal them. Because the bottom line is, I can’t.  And if I begin to lead them to believe that I can, I am doing them a grave disservice by creating an experience of mistrust in their own inner power. I am inadvertently teaching them that what they need to grow or to transform lies outside of themselves.

When you are coming from that place of trust in simply being, it can look to the ego self like you’re not DOING anything. But believe me, being fully in the here and now, listening deeply, having your full attention on tracking someone’s creative process…. while immensely satisfying work…. is still work.

It is the holy work of being awake and alive to your own inner process, and staying conscious of your own motivations, while at the same time being awake and alive to your students.

It requires diligence, devotion, and discipline to not let your frightened ego self get the upper hand and run amok with notions of its own importance.

This approach will probably not get you accolades for being brilliant or indispensable. But then, you also won’t need to continually come up with ways to be dazzling and remarkable. Which in the long run can feel like an awful lot of pressure and be quite exhausting.

It will, however, allow you to step into that place of bringing love to whatever shows up. And to invite your students, your friends, your family to do the same. And to share that quiet space of simply being present and in your heart which is the only thing that ever really heals us and allows us to grow in the end.

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Angels In My Studio Giveaway!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

I am ridiculously excited to be offering a giveaway for one spot in the Angels In My Studio e-course that is being hosted, taught and organized by the lovely and creative intuitve healer Sheri Ponzi.

This is a five month e-course beginning May 1st that will include art and painting lessons from 10 highly talented and creative women. And I am tickled pink to be included in this fabulous collection of art and spirit teachers whose names are: Anna Schuler, Claudia Olivos, Kae Pea, Kylie Pepyat-Fowler, Susan Risse, Tracy Verdugo, Sheri Ponzi, Whitney Ferre and myself.

To entice you even further, here’s a quote from the course description:

“This course is intended for those that are truly open to deepening their connection with the unseen. Over the course of the 5-months we spend together you will deepen your skills and abilities in allowing your artwork to unfold from a place of conscious connection to spirit.”

My contribution to the course will be my first ever online class introducing you to the Wild Heart Intuitive Painting process!

As part of getting the word out about the course and also because Sheri Ponzi is so ridiculously generous, I have a free spot that I can give away.

So I am going to offer that opportunity to my loyal blog readers as part of a contest. All you need to do to get a chance to win is to answer this question in the comments section below:

“How does your intuition speak to you?”

The giveaway will be open until this Thursday, March 8th at 5pm PST and then I’ll announce the winner on Friday, March 9th!

I am really looking forward to hearing about your experiences with intuition and to seeing who the Creativity Goddess chooses as the winner.

And if you just can’t wait and are simply itching to sign up for the class you can do so by clicking on this link.

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