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Interview and Podcast Requests…

I love spreading the word about the intuitive creative process which is why I wrote my book Conversations With The Brush: Wisdom Tales From The Intuitive Painting Heart. But I also have so much fun talking with people about anything that has to do with creativity, intuition, resilience  and healing. 

So here’s a partial list of potential topics that we could explore together in a podcast or interview about my work. 

  •  Art and spirituality
  •  Creativity as a psychological and emotional healing process
  •  Opening to your intuition through making art
  •  Self expression as a path to self empowerment
  •  Intuitive painting and the practice of presence
  •  Expressive arts as an embodiment practice
  •  Healing trauma through intuitive art making 
  •  Working with the inner critic
  • How to feed and foster creative flow
  • Creativity and Radical Self Acceptance
  •  Creative Freedom as a soul journey
  • The healing power of  creating in community

So if you are interested in having a lively, heart-felt, inspirational, deep AND fun filled conversation with me about all things creative get in touch with me by filling out the form below. 

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