Podcasts And Interviews

I have had the amazing privilege and pleasure to be interviewed by a number of women and men in the online expressive arts/creativity community who are themselves incredible artists and creative powerhouses.

Some of these interviews are in an audio format and some of them are written responses to various questions.

I feel greatly honored to share some of these conversations about living a creative life here with you as well as introducing you to some truly delightful and amazing examples of creative feminine leadership.

If you go to listen or read the interviews please do yourself a favor and spend some time at each of their sites. They will completely inspire you as well as offering you multitudinous opportunities to get your creative juices flowing.





cja_acc_starburstblue_001_smallUrsula Jorch is head honcho-ess at Work Alchemy and she is devoted to inspiring creative entrepreneurs to engage in business in new and exciting ways! She invited me to chat with her about my Creative Juices Arts adventure and we had a grand time exploring issues around creative marketing, being your authentic self as a business person, and why creativity is more important than ever in these topsy-turvy turbulent times.

To listen in on our lively and laughter filled conversation click here. 

cja_acc_planet2orange_001_smallLeah Piken Kolidas
is one of my favorite, all around cool people who is also an awe-inspiring artist and a blogger with an extremely popular blog called Creative Every Day. She has developed a forum that supports an amazingly diverse community of artist types through her blog and her creativity challenges like Art Every Day Month. We had a wonderful time talking about creativity and the magic of intuitive painting. To join us in that conversation click here.


cja_acc_lotus1orange_001_smallConnie Hozvicka, bright spirited, big-hearted, blogger extraordinaire and creator of Dirty Footprints Studio and I had a fun filled chat about creativity, the joys of glitter and fear busting. You can take a listen and click here.


cja_acc_sunblue_001_smallI was interviewed by the fabulous Andrea Schroeder, founder of the Creative Dream Incubator for her free Tele-class series: Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance. We talked about what it is to be a trailblazer and live a life of creative passion on your own terms. You can listen to the interview here.


cja_acc_dragonflyredpurple_001_smallDanny Hobson, the lovely director of the fabulous Arts and Healing Network came to my studio one day where we talked at length about the power of believing in others as a way to get their creative juices going. To drop into that conversation click here.


cja_acc_turtlepurple_001_small The magical Goddess Leonie Allen who lives in Australia and who has the website Goddess Guidebook and I had a conversation on SKYPE that was recorded on video. The video quality is not the best but the energy of creative joyfulness really comes through as we laugh and snort, talk to god and share our love for the expressive arts. To see and hear that funfilled gigglefest click here.

I was also incredibly honored to be part of Goddess Leonie’s World’s Biggest Summit which inspired me to produce my very first video class. It’s called Generosity And Creative Flow and I filmed it while I was at Ghost Ranch in 2011. To see that video click here.


cja_acc_flower2yellow_001_smallPaul Zelizer  is a wonderful example of how to be a businessperson with heart and a commitment to consciousness and social justice. He interviewed me on his very popular Awarepreneurs Podcast series and this episode is entitled Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact.

To join in on our always lively conversation, click here.



cja_acc_heartred_001_smallI was asked to prepare a vlog for the magically creative Hali Karla for her blog Holistic Creative Chats. She created something called the Artist~Healer Circle which was is a free series of interviews and blog posts about the connection between art and healing. She honored me by asking me to be the keynote speaker for the series and you can see my presentation here.


cja_acc_swirlpurple_001_smallHeather Plett and I also had a conversation about surrendering to the creative goddess and finding your true path. To drop in on our conversation click here.


cja_acc_dragonflygreen_001_smallJennifer Lee, author of the Right Brain Business Plan and I talk about the inner critic, the creative practice and how to start painting at your own home. To listen in click here.


Written Interviews

cja_acc_fishgreen_001_smallThe first one is with Christine Reed of the wildly popular blog Bliss Chick. She asked me some very powerful questions about the connection between creativity and bliss. To see some of my answers please click here.


cja_acc_sunred_001_smallI also participated in something called A Year With Myself, which is an e-course based on thematic weekly quests of self-love and self-discovery, that was created by Cigdem Korbu.  And of course my theme was the creativity. I was interviewed about the creative process which was something that you could only see by paying for the program BUT there was also a weekly journal prompt that all the “instigators” were asked to provide. And here’s mine.



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