Astro Wisdom: Scorpio As Transformational Shadow Diver

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Articles

Among the many professional hats that I wear… Wild Heart Queen, Wild Heart Painting Facilitator, Mentor, Creativity Soul Guide, Writer, Artist, Teacher, Creative Entrepreneur… I am also an Evolutionary Astrologer.
And one of the aspects of my work that brings me incredible joy is providing life, soul and heart guidance for folks using the powerful ancient template of astrological symbols and how they show up in an individuals astrology chart.

So each month I will be offering my perspective on the Sun Sign that is associated with that month to inspire you and give you a deeper and more spiritual understanding of that particular sign.



We are now headed into the dark time, the thinning of the veil between the worlds time and the confronting and naming of the shadow time… also known as being in the astrological sun sign of Scorpio time. 



Scorpios evolutionary purpose is to unlock the mysteries associated with the spiritual process of metamorphosis and transformation. Scorpios know that true transformation is an absolutely terrifying process. When something transforms it changes utterly and completely. It is no longer recognizable as the same thing that it was before the transformation began. True transformation always demands a death. True transformation always requires a journey into the underworld. True transformation insists on a total surrender to the mystery.



Your soul willingly hands you over to forces much larger than your day to day personality and your ego identity. Forces beyond your control that can and will do anything to awaken you to your true nature.



These forces are ruthless. And wildly unpredictable. They might tear you to pieces. Dissolve you down to your bones. Break your heart wide open. Take from you that which you never could imagine it would be possible to lose. 



With the sole purpose of leaving you reborn, standing naked and gleaming and whole in a place of stunningly alive spiritual power.



Scorpio is associated with the archetypes of the magician, the witch, the sleuth and the medicine person.



Because Scorpios are compelled and fascinated by the transformational journey they are drawn like a moth to the flame in the exploration of taboo subjects like sex, death and the uncovering of occult and taboo secrets.



Scorpios are also magnetized to exploring and experiencing the aspects of our human psyche commonly known as the shadow.



Scorpios are a water sign which means they are one of three signs who live in the fluid world of feeling and emotion. And the Scorpio soul mandate is the requirement to feel EVERYTHING. Their motto is that you can’t heal what you won’t feel.



Nothing is off limits or taboo in the inner world of emotion. Scorpios thrive on emotional intensity. And naked emotional honesty. Scorpios don’t shy away from emotional experiences that the rest of us try to repress or deny out of shame or fear.


Scorpios are not afraid of anything related to psyche and soul. Nothing shocks them. Nothing causes them to turn away from any aspect of this ongoing cliffhanger we call being human.

Not seething hatred, panting lust, blinding rage, burning shame, crippling fear, keening grief , poisonous envy, paralyzing despair or murderous impulses.



Or our own passionate potency.



Scorpios are perfectly capable of sitting in the alchemical cauldron of incredible emotional intensity and are allergic to denial, repression and any hint of an unwillingness to confront emotional truth.


Part of their sacred purpose is to hold the space for being with and witnessing that level of often extreme intensity. To bring powerfully destructive unconscious processes into the light of day.

And that process of witnessing doesn’t necessarily come from a place of compassion or even acceptance. But instead from a place of fierce and unwavering presence.


Scorpios have x-ray vision. Because they’ve looked so very deeply into the hidden and forbidden recesses of their own hearts and minds they are capable of looking just as deeply into yours. Which is one of the reasons that Scorpios often make less courageous souls highly uncomfortable.


When a Scorpio says “I see you” you know that they are holding up a mirror to the most primal workings of your soul with an unflinching gaze. And they invite you to do the same.


Scorpio is also associated with the process of soul retrieval.



Being alive in a body on this planet means that we will all at some point be tested by some nightmare scenario of pain, illness, death, disaster, betrayal of trust, abandonment, loss, or abuse.


When this happens our instinctual survival response is to repress the event and the emotions associated with the trauma. Which means we lose access to some essential part of our being. Scorpio knows how to make the perilous underworld journey to bring those wounded aspects of our being back home and into conscious awareness again. Which makes them powerfully effective healers, counselors and therapists.



Scorpio is the sign related to wisdom. And the initiatory process of gaining mastery by becoming wise.


Wisdom is not a gift easily granted. It requires immense bravery and the willingness to not only be brought to our knees again and again but to just as willingly rise out of the ashes like the phoenix each time.


Wisdom is gained from going through hell and coming out on the other side scarred and battered, stripped down to pure essence, untamed and furiously alive.


Wisdom is knowing that to be reborn you need to die first. And knowing we can survive anything.

Even if it kills us.


During this time of powerfully disconcerting change that requires old systems of nightmarish oppression to be destroyed and dismantled so that a new world can be created , we need the Scorpionic talent for uncompromisingly embracing the process of transformation more than ever before.

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