Keep Painting Cards

I am always on the lookout for more ways to support folks in engaging with their Wild Heart intuitive painting process. Cause I know how easy it is to get stuck, or lose steam or find yourself disconnected from your creative mojo.

So I created a deck of creative magic called Keep Painting Cards to help you stay connected to your creative flow!! You can think of them as “Chris in a box”,  which is what some of my students have called them because it’s like I’m there to coach and facilitate you when you need some creative help, or creativity oracle cards, when your intuition needs a bit of a jumpstart.

Keep Painting Cards is a deck of 52 fun and inspirational cards that feature a variety of creative directives to help guide and motivate you on your intuitive painting journey. I suggest that you keep them close at hand when you are in the middle of your painting process, and when you start feeling blocked or frustrated and don’t know where to go or what to do next simply pull a card. Each card has a different prompt that will get you out of your head and away from the grips of your judging mind and delight or challenge or inspire you to approach your painting in a brand new way.

These prompts are simple yet deceptively profound and guaranteed to get you moving again when you find yourself at a creative standstill.

Here are a few ways to use the deck.

  • PLAY — deal yourself a few cards then let your muse take over!
  • EXPLORE — shuffle the entire deck, then pull one card at a time and see what you’re inspired to create
  • DISCOVER — keep the deck near your art table and pull a card as needed
  • CREATE & COLLABORATE — create with a friend (or a group of friends). Round robin style journaling infused with a dash of serendipity. What could be more fun???

So treat yourself to the gift of this magical creative companion to encouarge you to always Keep Painting and keep your creative juices flowing!!!

Here are a few examples to get you started:



52 cards in box



$20.99 plus tax and shipping


Printing & Shipping

Provided by The Game Crafter

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