I was completely blown away by all the wonderfully inspiring responses I received in answer to the question of “How does your intuition speak to you?” It felt like each one was a teaching in and of itself about how to open to the grace of intuitive information that surrounds us at all times. And I was really tickled by how many of you experience your intuition as a muse or an inner goddess who speaks to you and guides you and sometimes gives you a not so gentle kick in the pants!

Once again, there was no way that I could ever choose, because all the answers were so wise and heartfelt and true. There were 23 entries in the contest and so what I did to find the winner was ask my husband to choose a number between 1 and 23 and what he came up with was 16.

This happens to be the comment made by the lovely Melissa Muirhead who is a coach and workshop facilitator. You can find out more about her and her work at her website possibility.

And here is her wisdom regarding how to allow your intuition to speak to you:

“My intuition speaks to me when I get quiet, when I sit and let the deep centre arise within me. When I feel what is the right thing and right step to take. It is that nudge that keeps slipping in when shes telling me that I need to get something sorted and soon. She uses my body if my mind won’t listen and talks to me in tight shoulders. She is a gift and the wise part of me that I am grateful for and I take seriously the privilege I have of initiating my daughter into celebrating and working with her intuition.”

I’m just sorry that I couldn’t give ALL of you free passes to Angels In My Studio. You certainly deserved it!

Even if you didn’t win the free spot, I hope to see you all at the course! I know it’s going to be great fun and I’m confident it will fill your creative well with much juicy goodness.

And of course, if you’re still interested in attending, you can sign up here!