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I really do believe that art and creativity can save the world. But in order for that to happen we need to get a lot more people engaged with their creative selves. And that means a lot more creative spiritual leaders and teachers need to develop and offer their wisdom and gifts to as many people as possible. This requires learning how to run successful creative businesses.

This is where I come in.cja_acc_turtlebluedown_001 I have spent 30+ years being self-employed  and during that time have developed a thriving personal growth through creative self expression empire. And I get people asking me ALL the time for tips and advice on how to make THIER dreams and visions a successful reality.

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is helping people get their creativity and healing arts businesses up and running and gorgeously VISIBLE.

So I’m going to make it official by offering various ways of being mentored by me if you have a creative enterprise waiting to be born. I have a ton of experience in a bunch of different areas related to running a creativity or healing arts based business, from finding a great retreat center to hold your event, to developing an authentic online presence using social media, to facilitating students to become more creatively free, to working with groups and creating powerful and safe communities of loving support, to developing magical workshop designs, or creating heart-based marketing materials for your website or brochures.

Hang Out In My Creative Brain

$200 per hour In this hour long session you can ask for anything at all… from how to set up your studio to marketing tactics to writing web copy to how to design a class or workshop or retreat to discovering your own style as a teacher and facilitator to how best to work with a student during a class session. You come with the questions and I give you the best answers I’ve got! And believe me… I will have a LOT of them.

Deep Mentoring

$750 for 4 hours This package is designed for folks who have a longer term project in mind or who need some concentrated emotional support. This is where we get into some deeper mentoring where I can assist you with not only practical issues but also help you clear out old patterns of fear or resistance that keep you from moving forward with your creative vision. Examples of the types of things we might focus on are:

  • Discover what you were born to do and be by getting in touch with your core archetypal energy
  • Aligning your heart mission and soul values with your creative business vision
  • Gaining confidence and deep trust in your unique writing or video voice
  • Learning how to navigate various forms of social media
  • Finding the kinds of customers and clients that YOU want to work with
  • Creating a workshop experience from beginning to end
  • Rewriting your website copy to reflect who you really are
  • Work with your beliefs around money and true abundance on all levels
  • Address issues of combining entrepreneurship with radical self care
  • Developing networks of true, loving support
  • Getting support and advice for how to work with creative students and clients

Scheduling a Consultation Session

To schedule a time to meet please use the calendar below and choose a date and time that works best for you.

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To purchase the Deep Mentoring Package

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  3. Once you have purchased and scheduled your first appointment of the Deep Mentoring Package you will be sent a coupon code for the remaining 3 sessions.

To Schedule additional Deep Mentoring sessions

  1. Click on the Redeem Coupon/Package button below
  2. Enter and Apply the coupon code that you received in your initial welcome letter.
  3. Choose the Business Consultation (1 Hour) session and then select the appointment date and time that work best for you. Make sure to set the time zone correctly for your local time.
  4. Repeat for each additional appointment.

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