I am over the moon THRILLED to announce the release of my new book

Conversations With The Brush
Wisdom Tales From The Intuitive Painting Heart

Conversations with the Brush is a wildly entertaining and inspirational journey into examining the question of how to become more creatively open and alive using intuitive painting and the expressive arts.

I wrote this book because I wanted to introduce as many folks as possible to the idea that we are ALL naturally wildly creative and that what stops our creative flow dead in its tracks are things like judgment, perfectionism, comparison, self-doubt, fear, unrealistic expectations, not trusting our intuition and limiting cultural beliefs around what it means to be a creative being. 

Through this book I want to remind you that you are a wonderfully powerful creative being full of fierce beauty and incredible genius.  To remember that you are a bona-fide miracle of creative aliveness and you were born to create. To never forget that your creativity is as much an intrinsic part of you as your breath. To celebrate the fact that you came to this earth to BE a creator and the way you can be most of service to your people and your planet will be by unapologetically claiming that energy of creation for yourself. And then happily and generously birthing it into full color, no holding back, glorious manifestation.

I sincerely want EVERYONE to break free of those internal hindrances and impediments that get in the way of their authentic creative expression. And I do that in this book by telling stories that are based on conversations I have had with my many, many students over 25 years of teaching that have helped THEM become more creatively unblocked and creatively liberated.

This book is full of creative wisdom teachings and mind bending ah-has about the creative process that will make you both laugh and cry as you see your own struggles and transformation reflected in the stories. 

It’s also filled with tips, expert guidance and journal questions designed to help you get out of a multitude of creative jams and back into joyfully creating again.

My hope is that this book will become a faithful companion to you on your creative journey to full and unfettered creative expression. And that you will not only see yourself reflected in these pages but also discover what it means to find your way back to your true creative source, over and over again. 


Get your copy of Conversations With The Brush now!

Conversations With The Brush is available in print and digital versions. You can get your copy at one of the online retailers below or request it through your favorite local bookseller!

Interviews and Book Readings…

I love spreading the word about the intuitive creative process which is why I wrote my book Conversations With The Brush: Wisdom Tales From The Intuitive Painting Heart. But I also have so much fun talking with people about anything that has to do with creativity, intuition, resilience  and healing. 

So here’s a partial list of potential topics that we could explore together in a podcast or interview about my work. 

  •  Art and spirituality
  •  Creativity as a psychological and emotional healing process
  •  Opening to your intuition through making art
  •  Self expression as a path to self empowerment
  •  Intuitive painting and the practice of presence
  •  Expressive arts as an embodiment practice
  •  Healing trauma through intuitive art making 
  •  Working with the inner critic
  • How to feed and foster creative flow
  • Creativity and Radical Self Acceptance
  •  Creative Freedom as a soul journey
  • The healing power of  creating in community

So if you are interested in having a lively, heart-felt, inspirational, deep AND fun filled conversation with me about all things creative get in touch with me by filling out the form below. 

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What People Are Saying…

“This book made me laugh, cry, and most of all, feel so hopeful. As someone who has made her living as a creative for 30+ years at the same time I’ve struggled to create freely, Chris speaks directly to my wild heart and promises there is always more – more freedom, more color, more truth, more joy. What a magnificent love letter to our most alive self.”
Jen Louden

Author, Why Bother

“Working with Chris Zydel, the Wildheart Queen, forever changed the trajectory of my life. And I, and all my family members who came before, are ‘here’ now, and have plans to follow me, are forever grateful. In her ground-breaking book Conversations with the Brush, Chris offers the reader the knowledge, tools, wisdom, deep love, healing truth, and authentic-life-lived to co-create, step-by-step, the radiant life we each came to the planet to live. Thank you, oh wise one with the beautiful jewelry, kick-ass boots and lighthouse smile for saying YES to life.”
Tom Zuba

Author, Permission to Mourn, Becoming Radiant

“Accessing the recesses of our deep unconscious can be a harrowing undertaking. Uncertainty and fear flair up alongside excitement and giddiness. But, with Chris Zydel by your side in front of the white paper, you will feel capable, supported. That is the story of this remarkable book. A collection of human stories of bravery and resilience mixed with a good dose of humor and gems of teachings. Chris Zydel is a master at her craft, polished over decades of presence in utter compassion. This book will transport you in your own exploration. You will laugh, you will ponder. You will feel understood.”
Francoise Bourzat

Author, Consciousness Medicine

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