The Art of Goddess Creation

The Divine Feminine is calling.

And she is calling to her sisters and daughters and allies from all over the planet to reclaim a nurturing and intimate relationship with her from deep within themselves.
She is calling because she knows EXACTLY what we need as we move into these times of massive change and upending transformation. She is demanding that we align with a rock solid connection to this potent feminine energy of inspiration and vision. She is crying out to us that we need to wake up. To willingly and boldly step into our full spiritual and creative power. And to use this power to recreate our world.

Each woman has her own very special affinity with the sacred feminine which is universal in nature but also expresses itself in ways that are extremely personal and idyosyncratic. 

What I have discovered in myself and in the women I work with is that if you take the time, ask the right questions and listen with your bones and your heart, the soul of the divine feminine will reveal herself to you as your own inner goddess. Your secret muse. Your personal medicine woman. Your mythic priestess. Your never before seen spirit guide. Your Divine Feminine nature in archetypal form.

Whatever you want to call her, she is the embodiment of your courage. Your beauty. Your superpowers. Your strength. Your passion. Your gifts. Your artistry. Your heart. Your soul. Your love.

It is time for her to rise up. And show up.

She is essential for going forward into a future full of dizzying unknowns that are crying out for intuitively based creative solutions. She is the one we have been waiting for. She is the molten center of your genius and the deep well from which your brilliance flows.

Many women have found solace and profound healing through connecting with existing goddess archetypes that are part of the collective consciousness.

Abundant Lakshmi, the all-loving Quan Yin, deep diving Inanna, the world weaving Spider Woman, the magical Virgin Of Guadalupe, fierce Durga or the skull crunching Kali have all served as sources of great inspiration and galvanizing guiding lights for women on the path to awakening the feminine spirit.

But there is something so exquisitely tender,  deeply meaningful and incredibly empowering in uncovering the face of your individual goddess essence and finding her alive and well in the deepest core of your being with names like:

The Wild Heart Queen. The Soul Huntress. Wise Listening Crone. The Night Sky Priestess. Energy Dancer. Bad Ass Art Diva. Queen Want-Get. Visionary Activator. Coyote Trickster Of Creative Transformation. Abyss Whisperer. Playful Imagination Sherpa. Diva Of Demanding Greatness. Cool Stone Mother Of Infinite Compassion. The Queen Of Conjury.

Discovering YOUR unique Goddess is exactly what we will be doing in this retreat.

Your inner goddess self has been there all along. The process we will be engaging in over this four and a half days is simply about inviting her into the light where you can interact with her and call on her to provide you with whatever you need… things like magnetic mojo, a sense of inner authority, fiery enthusiasm, spiritual perspective, powerful determination, ancient wisdom and intuitive direction.

No two of these inner goddesses are alike and they often have wonderfully poetic names as well as very DEFINITE styles. As you get to know yours you will discover what she loves. What she needs. What feeds her and makes her wildly happy. And what dampens her fire. You will find that she is completely unapologetic in her opinions, preferences and desires.

Her hungers will range all the way from the most sensual and worldly… things like food and scents, types of clothing and jewelry, colors, textures and music, particular environments… to the realm of spirit and purpose. She will speak to you of her yearnings for things like truth, respect, beauty, joy, freedom, adventure, creativity and justice. And of course, always love.

This relationship with your inner goddess/muse will challenge you.

She will expand you to the edges of yourself. She has no patience or time for anything other than your brilliance and your radiance. She is done with not enough. She is finished with your old stories of shame and inadequacy. She is not at all impressed by your fear. She takes her job as your divine feminine essence seriously because she knows without a doubt that she is on a mission to help you heal and save the world.

decorated hands

What You Can Expect From This Retreat

In this four and a half day dive into your deep psyche there will be many opportunities to discover and explore how this medicine woman of your soul shows up in YOU.  Through the joyful alchemy of the creative process and various rituals designed to make her deliciously tangible, real and alive, you will become imbued with her sacred presence.

  • I will take you through a process where you will discover EXACTLY who she is through both meditations and asking a particular series of questions designed to invite her out into the clear light of day. She will tell you her name, her mythic story and what her purpose is in your life.
  • Continue the process of writing that includes love letters (from her and TO her).
  •  Develop a more embodied relationship to her through dance, movement and sound.
  • Discover her visually through the intuitive painting process.
  • Engage in the process of sacred adornment.
  • Make an altar to her.
  • Create and perform healing ceremonies in her name.
  • Construct a potent, sacred, ritual Goddess power object that will help you to connect to her voice, her wisdom and her truth for you and your life. And that you will take home with you to continue your conversation with her.

During our time together we will be weaving a holy crucible, a talismanic temple, an alchemical sanctuary and a creative haven designed to invoke and evoke the passionate intensity of our sacred feminine aliveness.

Who Is The Retreat For?

  • This retreat is for you if you are looking to be part of a strong sacred circle of women devoted to healing and wholeness, compassionate listening, deep sharing and the willingness to be seen.
  • This retreat is for you if you are looking to be in an environment that encourages you to surrender deeply to the creative process.
  • This retreat is for you if you are hungry to develop a more powerful allegiance to and trust in your intuitive knowing and wisdom.
  • This retreat is of you if you are longing to co-create a community of fiercely loving women who’s greatest wish is to celebrate and inspire each other to step into the heart and soul of their most profound magic and power.
  • This retreat is for you if you love to laugh, are willing to cry, are committed to your ongoing personal growth and to becoming more awake, more joyful and more fully your essential self.

My intention is that you leave this retreat with a vital and living relationship to your divine feminine nature that informs and nourishes you on a daily basis. That you develop a devotional creative practice that keeps her front and center in your life. And that you feel so strongly rooted in the energy of who she is that you can confidently rest in her as a trusted source of ongoing wisdom and grace.


The Art of Goddess Creation will return in 2022


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Chris has a beautiful trickster way of calling out both the deep and the big within our lives. Her Archetypal Goddess process hooked me in it’s playful exploration of my own talents and gifts which was totally cool! But then the Big Magic of the Goddess showed up. Now I have some archetypal traveling companions who will continue to inspire me into my own grace and greatness! What a blessing and a gift!

Sage Abella

Chris is making the archetype discovery process so accessible. By helping to name our archetypes with some grandiosity, she helps us step into these living breathing larger-than-life parts of ourselves that need to show up in the world. When I cringed at the names of my archetypes I knew they were right. As women we are often subtly encouraged to play small, to hide ourselves, to be less than we are. Chris’ archetype work helped me to open up to the possibilities of who I am when I don’t fear being big and bold and wonderful.

Marianne Mishima

The Goddess lab continues to be an ever evolving transformatory experience for me. First of all, the community of women, coming together in the safe and creative space that Chris holds for us, was mutually supportive and alchemical. As each of us connected with and opened up to the incredible power of our own personal goddesses, we were held in loving witness by the other women. I was able to go deeper and expand more into the person I am called to become because of the courage and depth of the other women’s processes around me. What was completely amazing to me was that all of this healing, expansion, and depth was occurring in an atmosphere of fun, joy, love and light heartedness. It was as if we played our way into our divine essences, we witnessed and were seen with love and laughter. The only way this was possible was through Chris’ loving guidance and her fierce integrity to the truth of who we are as women. This experience has stayed with me and continued to evolve and integrate into my everyday life in ways I never expected. It’s as if I am remembering who I truly am, and am embodying that in my life day by day.

Monica Garcia PhD

Divine Light Coaching

The Archetypal process for me has awaken me to ranges in myself that were previously unimaginable. Big and Magnificent are two words that come to mind. Chris’ ability to create the container and “hold” me in those places are extraordinary. Wherever I go in myself, Chris is right there with me… in all the glorious places I can now finally own in myself. I believe that I would not be able to accomplish what I have without the awareness and ability to CHOOSE how I want to be in the world. My poor little ego (and it’s not all that little by the way), would only know how to play it safe and reasonable, nice and small. Knowing how great I can become (and am) would not be possible without the exploration into the Archetypal process. Period! Chris can DEFINITELY dance with the forces! Just saying!

Karen Palmer

Sometimes words can’t do justice, where the spirit resides. Thanks to Chris Zydel and her “Art of Goddess Creation” workshop, I am a Catalyst Love Warrior. I continue to walk my walk and talk my talk with the ease, grace, forward momentum, and power. The initiation was a celebration of our spirit path, and we wet our sacred canvases with paint, glitter, and lots of subconscious revelations. We danced with our heart beats, with our soaring spirits, with our gorgeous warrior goddess selves grounded and ready to be received and manifested into the universe. Get ready to soar into your true power, your calling, your unique wisdom…..and let your awakened essence shine and be revealed. It begins with the Art of Goddess Creation….. With much Love and Appreciation, Lara XOXO AKA, Catalyst Love Warrior

Lara Printz

There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing than the dynamic organic super-power goddess manifesting process with Chris and a group of glorious women. It’s not just a nice visualization.  It’s real!  And it’s personal, as we identify our own particular unique gifts and strengths and allow them to coalesce into these large, beautiful personifications. They will speak to you about who they are, what energizes them, and what they are here to do. When I embody one of my goddesses (and I have three!), my little, contracted identity gives way to this bigger, deeper expression of who I am. My posture aligns and I feel myself functioning as the larger being I that I am.  But beware! These goddesses are powerful, outrageous and self-aware. Side effects may include loss of appetite for old beliefs and identities that no longer serve.

Catherine Williams

Revelationary Arts

Chris Zydel offers an archetype workshop that is nothing less than life changing! It has been over a year since the class, and in learning that “I” have and always have had the mysterious power of the “Thunderbird Queen” I have found the answers to so many questions about who I am and why in times of great need I can manage to do spectacular things. But that was the problem. I had to be in dire-straits to access that mysterious power. At age 47 quite frankly my life with my wonderful Husband and two amazing boys was quite cozy. But I didn’t feel whole. I wanted to be me, and not identified by who I was married to, and the family I was responsible for. Please understand I adore my family but esteeming myself through them I just didn’t find healthy. I am still discovering the vast power of the “Thunderbird Queen”, her vision, ability to transcend the mundane, her power of rebirth, to be fearless in having a voice for those who are weaker, and to lead and set firm boundaries. When I felt small and insignificant she nurtured me and fed me until my confidence grew and my soul matured into the woman I was meant to be. With Chris’ guidance I have been able to open my own Expressive arts business to students with chronic pain. At this very moment I am searching with my husband for a wellness center where we can incorporate my skills. Two years ago before discovering my inner strength I do not think I would ever been able to fight for what I want let alone have the vision for my new business….Other archetypes I have discovered are “The Shapeshifting, Trickster Priestess” who likes to change these titles up a lot, LOL, “The Dragon Wisperer” and the “Sacred Creative Clown”. Many thanks to you Chris from the Thunderbird Queen to the Wild Heart Queen.

Jennifer Pocurull

Soul Story Arts

When I entered the archetypal goddess project with Chris, I had no idea what I was getting into. I called in some majorly transformative archetypes and had fun getting to know them through the painting process. What started out feeling like a playful exploration of the goddess, quickly turned into her supporting me in my real life. Since the retreat, I have gained the internal courage and support to make big changes in my career, relationships and home. I feel more alive, vibrant and free than ever! The goddess clearly wants me to step into my Big Life and leave my small life behind. Only do this if you want to be happier!

Kelsey Gustafson

Yoga With Kelsey

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