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Welcome to the world of Creative Juices Arts…

You have entered our magic kingdom… and in this kingdom what is honored is the healing power of the creative process as accessed through the expressive arts and intuitive painting. 

We also know that in order to support this healing power there needs to be a commitment to certain values like vulnerability, personal growth, a loving community, becoming more awake, emotional safety, integrity and trust.  That importance must be placed on qualities like honesty, bravery, generosity, curiosity, a sense of humor, psychological depth, spiritual hunger and being real.

And you will find that commitment here.

Here you will also be invited to experience the profound joy that comes from expressing yourself creatively without holding anything back. And where the magic of YOUR creative genius is celebrated, cherished and always loved.

Here you will be supported and encouraged in listening to and respecting your intuitive voice as the most precious inner guidance resource that you have.

Here you will be reminded over and over again that opening a portal into the realms of imagination and whimsy through spontaneous play will keep you juicy and energized and alive.

Here you will be championed to meet your inner demons,  your fears, your anxieties, your self judgments, your old stories and perceived limitations with huge doses of creative courage.

Here you will be emboldened to step into the unknown with only a paintbrush and your intuition to light the way.

Here you will be inspired to release the inner shackles of convention, expectation and approval and claim your birthright of unapologetic creative freedom.

Here you will be called upon to step into your full creative capacity. To own yourself as a creator … of beauty. Of truth. Of wisdom. Of art. Of your own wild and precious life.

Here you will find compassion, kindness and tender healing for your artists broken heart.

Here you will be seen. Listened to. Accepted. And deeply valued.

Here you will find a way back to loving your own sweet self, to delighting in all of who you are and to treating yourself as precious. As treasured. As enough.

We believe that creativity is soul work. A direct conduit to spirit. A way to regain our experience of wholeness. And that art making without judgment makes sacred even the most challenging, difficult and painful places in our hearts and minds and bodies.

We believe in YOU as an artist and a creative being. Wholeheartedly. And know that you contain a magic kingdom of your own brimming over with unbridled joy, sparkly brilliance, visionary knowing, ancient wisdom and the capacity to make your life your most amazing work of art.

From our Wild Heart to Yours,

Chris Zydel & Tim Lajoie

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A peek into the magic of a live Wild Heart Intuitive Painting workshop…

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Upcoming Events…

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Wild Heart Painting Online

Monthly sessions offered on:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Creative Juices Arts Online Studio

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Other Ways to Work with Me…

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Weekly Classes

We offer weekly intuitive painting classes online that provide a vibrant community of loving creative support and a powerful way to indulge your intuitive painting practice.

Gather your paints and join us for an ongoing deep exploration into the mystery of your own unfolding. Learn to listen to your intuitive impulses and express your authentic self in a safe, brave, and encouraging container.

Enrollment is open at the beginning of each month for a 4 week series. We would love to see you in class soon!

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Teacher Training

It’s really hard for us to even talk about our teacher training program without tearing up, because what happens over the 6 months that we meet in sacred circle is nothing short of miraculous. We know that sounds like a big word. And it is. But it’s also a big truth.
There is nothing more creatively powerful than a group of women coming together with the intent to support each other to become strong and visionary leaders in their communities. Who are devoted to healing anything …. And we mean ANYTHING … that gets in the way of fully shining their brilliance and their genius into the world. Who are committed to a life filled with meaning, healing, creativity and service. Who are hungry to bring feminine spirituality, feminine intelligence and feminine wisdom out of the shadows and into the light of day. Our teacher training program provides the space for all of that to happen… and more.
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Astrology Readings

Would you like to get a back stage pass to the inner workings of your soul and psyche? The ancient art of astrology is a powerful tool for understanding yourself deeply and with great compassion. But it also gives you VERY specific instructions on how to live a life that  feels like the life you were meant to live. It gives you the permission and support to be your biggest self… your most authentic self … The YOU that you were utterly and completely always meant to be. Check out my astrology page for more juicy info.

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Business Mentoring

Do you believe that being an artist or a healer means dooming yourself to a life of always being broke? Do you think that the term “thriving artist” is an oxymoron?  We love our work. We feel every day that we are in sacred service to our muse and our creative community. And we get paid very well for the opportunity to be creative and for the privilege of helping other folks become more creative and whole. We also get a major kick out of helping artist/healer types to find ways to become more successful in their own way and on their own terms. Let’s talk if this sounds like fun for you too!

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Most Recent Blog Articles…

Painting Ourselves Whole

My husband,  life and business partner in all things creative, Tim Lajoie,  has been writing more and more these days and this post is written by him.  I’m so enjoying how his wise perspective is contributing to the conversation about this powerful expressive arts...

How A Deep Understanding Of Creative Freedom Is Integral To The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

We’re coming down to the wire and The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program begins in one short week on April 29th. And as Tim and I are preparing and refining the curriculum it’s also making me think about some of the psychological, spiritual and...

How A Deep Understanding Of The Patriarchy and Women’s Issues Is Integral To The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program begins in a little more than two weeks on April 29th and as Tim and I are preparing and refining the curriculum it’s also making me think about some of the psychological, spiritual and philosophical roots and...

How A Deep Understanding Of The Body Is Integral To The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

  The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program begins in a little less than a month and as Tim and I are preparing and refining the curriculum it’s also making me think about some of the psychological, spiritual and philosophical roots and influences...

Trusting The Process As A Core Principle Of The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

One of the first things you will hear me talk about when you come to one of my classes, workshops or retreats is that here in these circles we are focusing on and placing greater value on the process of creation instead of primarily valuing the finished product.      ...

Free Webinar: Love As A Core Principle At The Heart Of The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

This is Tim and I wanted share some thoughts about our upcoming Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program and one of our core philosophies: love!     “I’m going back in!” She said defiantly as she took a deep breath, pursed her lip, and wiped away the tear...

Wholeness: Exploring A Core Principle Of The Heart Of The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program

Whenever Tim and I take another group of students through our Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training process we inevitably hear from folks how they’ve never experienced anything quite like the sense of healing and love and liberation that happens for them in our...

How Do I Know If This Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program Is Right For Me?

As Tim and I go through the process of interviewing folks for our upcoming teacher training program, we often get the question of how do I know if this Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training is right for me? This is a HUGE question on a certain level because it...
A Box of colorful paint bottles

The Promise of a New Box of Paints!

It finally arrived! I had been waiting all morning, checking my phone, tracking the number of stops until it got here and then, “cuh-thunk”, the satisfying thud of a heavy box unceremoniously dropped on our front porch. I pulled the box inside and grabbed a knife to...

I Wanted To Be A Nun As A Kid. But Became An Intuitive Painting Facilitator Instead.

When I was 8 years old and in the third grade we were given the assignment to write our autobiography. I don’t remember much about what I wrote. In my memory, I don't see words, only the thin, lined composition notebook with the black and white speckled cover and my...
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