Hi I’m Chris Zydel and I want to welcome you to my new online Intuitive Painting workshop, Painting With Fire!

I have been teaching intuitive painting for more than 20 years and have worked with thousands of painters over that period of time.  And I have learned a great deal about using art and the creative process to access our deepest wisdom and capacity to become more whole and more healed… to become more fully ourselves and more radiantly alive.

What I have seen over those years is that most people still approach their art by thinking that what really matters is the end result of their painting and how their painting looks. There’s a desire for their creations to be pretty or well executed with great technique or to be somehow visually pleasing.

Which means that your creative expression is always going to be somewhat influenced by the need to CONTROL that outcome.

But that exclusive focus on the external product misses out on a deeper experience of intimacy with yourself that is cja_acc_dragon_001always available to you through the connecting with your creative source. And as we all know, intimacy doesn’t thrive in an atmosphere where the need to control is present.

What is revolutionary about this approach to art is that it’s not even so much about painting as it is about soul work. When you truly paint from your intuitive heart you are not only doing soul retrieval but you are making soul. Building soul. Painting your soul alive.

This intuitive painting process is at core an opportunity to be in deep and compassionate communication with every aspect of yourself. To learn to hear and be present to the inner messages that naturally arise from your creative soul. To have the courage to openly express through your art whatever you find there. And to use those messages for your continued healing, expansion and personal growth.

This is not a class that will teach you the mechanics of painting. During these six weeks you will be supported and challenged to examine what supports your unhampered creative self expression and what blocks it. Painting With Fire will take you on a journey of self discovery where you will learn to recognize everything that gets in the way of that creative intimacy with YOU!

We will be exploring various universal blocking patterns like addiction to perfectionism, the myriad ways we allow the inner critic/left brain to run the show, healing our desire for external approval and thinking that we’re not enough and letting go of the need for our art and our intuitive promptings to always make some kind of rational or logical sense.

And then we will be replacing those unconscious patterns with potent practices that enhance our creative souls expression like radical self acceptance. Allowing our intuition to lead the way, no matter what. Falling in love with ourselves through our art. And developing a profound trust in life, the mystery and the unknown through the simple act of putting paint on paper.

The same things that block our creative expression block our connection to our life force. So when you unblock yourself creatively, you open up channels of energy and aliveness and joy in all areas of your life.

What I know from all of my years as an intuitive painting midwife is that this process is magic.

And that the people who make this process their practice experience profound levels of inner healing and creative transformation.

So my hope, my wish and my prayer for you is that you will come away from this class with a deep-in-your-bones experience of true creative freedom. A living relationship with the wisdom and guidance provided by your intuition. A deeper understanding of painting as a potent spiritual force. A powerfully supported daily art practice. A felt sense of creativity as sacred. And a whole new way of approaching not only your art… but your life.

Class Details

6 week class starts
Monday, March 4, 2024
and runs through
Friday, April 12, 2024.
All course materials are
available through December 31, 2024.



What’s Included:

  • Daily painting video
    Monday – Thursday
  • Live Webinars
  • Weekly meditation audio
  • Weekly movement  video
  • Participation in an exclusive Facebook group
  • Let’s Paint Together!
    A 3 hour online community painting session.


Individual video sessions.
(Limited sessions available each week.)

  • ½ hour for $100
  • 1 hour for $200.

If you have already enrolled in Painting With Fire 2023 then you can access the class here:

Who Is This Class For?

Painting With Fire is for you if you are looking for a juicy new way to connect to the realm of spirit.  It is an active meditation practice that uses paint and color to engage you more deeply with compassionate presence, non-ordinary reality and the power of mindfulness.

Painting With Fire is for you if your creative spirit is hungry for a greater sense of wildness, boldness and freedom unencumbered by ANY expectations… including your own.

Painting With Fire is for you if you are an artist who is ready to liberate yourself from the constraints of your judging mind, to heal from your art school traumas and to trust more fully in the wisdom of your creative heart.

Painting With Fire is for you if you are looking for a new way to strengthen and develop your relationship to your intuition while learning how to combine your artistic impulses with your intuitive knowing.

Painting With Fire is for you if you don’t think you’re an artist or have a creative bone in your body, but you are drawn to explore your inner world via the creative process. It’s a place where you can feel safe and supported to explore your artistic yearnings in a deeply encouraging and judgment free environment.

Painting With Fire is for you if you are a deep diver into the inner realms of psyche and soul. If you are a personal growth junkie. If you have been on a healing path in one way or another for as long as you can remember. If you are devoted to healing not only yourself but the entire world.

Who Is This Class NOT For?

I can’t think of one ding-dang-dong person who would NOT benefit from taking this class. If you have even the slightest smidgen of desire to explore your creativity, do deep healing soul work and develop your intuition, this class is for you. It’s truly for anyone AND everyone.

In fact, if you scrolled down this page trying to find an answer to the question of “Who is it NOT for?” so that you could talk yourself out of taking this class, then it is most DEFINITELY for you.



What is Included in the Class?

Class Structure

Painting With Fire is a content rich, six week creative journey that includes videos, audios, written content, meditations, and journal exercises.

The content will be delivered to you daily from a private password protected site. Once you register and create your own login credentials you will have access to a supplies and materials list to help you get setup before class starts.

The videos are colorful, highly engaging and gorgeous, the meditations are professionally recorded so they will be enjoyable to listen to and the music that is part of each meditation is specifically created for this class.

The class material will be available for 9 months so that you can take as much time as you need to get through the teachings or go back and review them if you so desire.

  • There will be at least one intuitive painting video lesson posted every day Monday through Friday.
  • A movement based video designed to help you re-connect with your body.
  • A weekly meditation designed to deepen your relationship to your creative practices.
  • And finally, several live webinars where you will get to interact with me live and in person and ask questions. The webinars will also be recorded so that you can watch them later if you can’t attend them live.

Facebook Group

Creative community is an important part of this process, so you will be invited into a private Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to connect and fall in love with and play with other members of this class.

I am looking forward to being very actively engaged with you as we go through these six weeks. I love getting in there and supporting folks as they grapple with the intuitive painting practices and concepts. Which means that in addition to the webinars I will also be interacting with you all on the FaceBook page!

Individual Video Sessions

I will also be making myself available throughout the duration of the class for 30 minute video conference calls if you need some extra attention around your process. These calls cost $100 for half hour and $200 for a full hour. During that time I will work with you AND your painting just like I would in one of my live workshops. These calls will be limited however and I will only have a few slots open per week.

Let’s Paint Together!

Gather your art supplies, get your brushes ready and put your easel in front of your computer so we can all get together and paint online! Chris and Tim will be holding space as you dive into your creative process and apply the lessons you have learned in Painting With Fire. Let’s Paint Together is a 3 hour online event hosted by Chris and Tim available only to the currently enrolled participants of Painting With Fire.

You can use all of the same art supplies that you have been using for Painting With Fire or any other materials you may want to work with. You will also need to have a working internet connection and a device or computer so you can access the call. And, it would be great to see your painting space during the call so we can all be together.

Once you are enrolled in Painting With Fire you will receive an email the morning of the Let’s Paint Together with a link to join our private video conference call. That’s all there is to it. Just click the link and join the call. We will be using the Zoom video conferencing platform to host this event.


Registration for Painting With Fire!


Dates: 6 week class starts Monday, March 4, 2024 and runs through Friday, April 12, 2024. All online course materials are available through December 31, 2024. (Please note that paints, paper, and brushes are not supplied)

Let’s Paint Together: March 23, 2024 from 10am – 1pm PDT

Cost: $149

Instructions: Please allow up to a minute for your registration to be processed. If you already have a user account with us then you may be asked to login first before completing your transaction. We are looking forward to seeing you in Painting With Fire 2024!

Registration Details


Terms and Conditions The content of the class is delivered through HD streaming videos, streaming audio, and other downloadable content. You must have high speed internet access to enjoy this class. If you can access and view the promo video above then you should be able to access the course material without any problems. We do not offer refunds for technical issues or limitations of your computer, devices, or internet connection so please be sure to check the minimum requirements before registering. The online course materials will be available through December 31, 2023. No exceptions or extensions will be made. Payment for Painting With Fire! is due upon registration and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Thank you for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions…

cja_acc_turtlegreen_001_smallWhat exactly is intuitive painting?

Intuitive painting is a process where the focus is on allowing your intuition to guide you as you paint. Most of the time our concerns are very externally focused when we create something. We worry about other people’s opinions. We want folks to like what we make. We think that making something we deem beautiful will allow us to feel good about who we are.

And a lot of the time those concerns with opinions or being liked show up as internal judgments that block our access to our creative joy. We let the judgments control our painting process. And ultimately we allow them to control our lives.
Intuitive painting teaches you how to gently yet fiercely bypass those judgments and concerns with being good enough or worthy. It teaches you to let go of worrying about what anyone else thinks… including yourself … and to trust your intuition to lead the way into true creative expression.

cja_acc_sunred_001_smallDo I need to have prior art training in order to participate in this class?

The answer is a hugely definite NO!! You don’t need ANY art background in order to get value out of this process. This class is open to everyone, no matter what your level of art experience. Beginners are more than welcome. In fact it’s sometimes easier for folks who don’t have any art training to get this process because you don’t have as much to UN-learn.

cja_acc_planet2orange_001_smallI’m not a painter and I don’t even think of myself as an artist. But I’m drawn to do this. Do I have to want to be a painter in order to get something out of this work?

My definition of painting is simply putting marks and color on paper. And ANYONE can do that. And my definition of a painter? It’s just someone who paints. So if you come to this class and start putting marks and color on paper you will automatically BE a painter. How cool is that!!

Our soul also thrills to the opportunity of trying out all KINDS of ways of expressing itself. It loves to play and the only thing it needs from you is a safe and non-judgmental place where it feels free to experiment with NEW ways to play. This class will provide you with as much love and acceptance and safe and non-judgmental space as you can possibly handle!!

cja_acc_starburstmagenta_001_smallI know you said you won’t be teaching me techniques so how will I know what to paint?

You don’t need me or anyone else telling you how or what to paint. You are so FULL of images and colors and creative inspiration that if you painted non-stop for a thousand years you still wouldn’t come close to exhausting your creative potential. I’m just going to help you open that door to that rich inner world and take the first of many steps.

cja_acc_heartorange_001_smallHow much time do I need to set aside in order to get the most out of this class?

My not so secret agenda for you is that you develop a regular intuitive art practice through taking this class. My hearts hope is that this method of accessing your intuition through the creative process becomes a deeply valued part of your regular self care practice. So I’ve set it up where you are being asked to paint at least three days a week, even if it’s only for 15 minutes at a time. If you watch all the videos, read the written material, listen to the meditation and do the minimum amount of painting you will be devoting about 75-90 minutes a week to the class. And of course you can ALWAYS paint longer!!

cja_acc_dragonflyredgreen_001_smallWhat Kinds Of Things Will I Need To Have To Get The Most Out Of This Class?

  • Basic Art Supplies. You will need some basic art supplies in order to get started. And you will get a list of my recommended supplies before the class begins. My recommendations  are particular things that I use in my intuitive painting workshops, but you don’t HAVE to use what I’ve suggested. You can get what you need out of the process using whatever art supplies you already have on hand.
  • Computer. A computer and high speed internet access so that you can easily watch the videos. If you can see the welcome video at the top of this page then you should be able to access the course content without any issues.
  • A FaceBook account if you intend to participate in the community and get personal support from me.

cja_acc_flower2blue_001_smallWhat advice do you have for people like me with lots of excuses as to why their intuition does not apply to painting.

Painting is a FABULOUS way to access your intuition because our intuition lives in our body and feelings and heart and sensations. In other words it can be found hanging out in the NON-verbal part of the brain. Because painting is a visual medium AND it gets expressed through the body (you need to move your body in order get that paint on the paper)  it BYPASSES the left brain language centers that tend to get in the way of our direct intuitive knowing. And since EVERYONE can paint ( see above) your intuition will LOVE you for bringing painting into it’s world.

cja_acc_fishgreen_001_smallI have always felt like I’d love to “know how to paint” but have no sense of color, style and am not artistic. Yet I’d like to be those things. Will this class help me?

Oh sweetie… what I hear in this question is a tremendous amount of self-judgment. It’s not at ALL true that you are not artistic! That’s just the inner critic having its way with you. So I won’t be helping you “develop” a color sense or a style. You already have those things whether you think you do or not.

What this class WILL help you with is to learn not to listen to and believe that critical inner voice. It will help you to appreciate and enjoy your own unique way of creating. It will help you to be kinder to your own sweet self. And it will help you to fall in love with all of who you are through your your experience of putting paint on paper as an act of playful self compassion.



Love Notes from Intuitive Painters

I did this with Chris and loved it. The practices helped me get out my head. The work/play surely impacted other areas of my life and work. This isn’t a painting class. It is a way to deepen and engage in inner work in unexpected ways. Chris is wise and lovely and her work is helpful. Take a look.

Martha Atkins

My years painting with Christ Zydel have transformed my life.  Some of these transformations have been life changing, including trusting my intuition to quit a job and choosing to teach intuitive painting as my next  career.  Others have been more subtle but still transformative, like strengthening my ability to feel things deeply and learning to look for and follow the energy in widely varied situations.  Chris guides you through the intuitive painting process to birth your deepest self if you will open to the magic of the brush.  If you want a deeper friendship with yourself, you can’t go wrong with WildHeart Painting.

Sandra Whisler

A gift of extraordinary power.

Jo Ann Parker

These words pretty much sum up my painting with Chris Zydel. “It will be sweet and scary, blissful and terrifying, easy and challenging beyond anything you can imagine.” I dreamed of painting with Chris for years and when that dream finally came true it came at the right time – the perfect time. I was ready for it. Although there WAS some kicking and screaming along the way. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how life changing it would be. I am better because of it. I love myself because of it. If it has energy I go with it. anything else is left by the side of the road. No time for bullshit! I surround myself with people who are “right” for me. who “get” me. We support and love each other through hi’s and lo’s. No more “doing” to get love, approval or support. I love the learning and gentle guiding into the realization that what matters is where the juice is. OMG! yup, you have changed my life Chris Zydel and “thank you” will never ever be enough. I love YOU!

Nadia Munarolo-Kurjata


I’ve known Chris and about her painting classes for years. I’d said to myself, ‘Some day I’ll take her classes.’  And now that I’m doing it I can’t see myself NOT painting with Chris . I get so much. I attend to my creative passion in a colorful and alive way. I get to get messy in a warm, meditative space. I get to listen to myself in action. And I get to renew the sacred bond between self and my heart. I love it and need Wild Heart Painting. It has become as essential to me as my daily walks and stretches. Chris is a gentle, firm, and fun guide in this process. She meets me where I am, as I see she does with each student. My creative heart is in good hands with Chris.

Beth Barany

Novelist & Creativity Coach for Writers

I came to this class wanting to learn to paint, and to paint as a tool for healing. I knew from reading Chris’s online newsletter over the years, and my exclamations aloud of YES! YES! YES! as I read them,  that I wanted to work with her. Work and Life keep me close to home, so having this online opportunity seemed like a perfect way to begin the painting process. I couldn’t have asked for more. This class is a testament to Chris’s abundant generosity of spirit, with a wealth of information 5 days a week for 6 weeks about (among many other things) deep listening, trust, not judging oneself or others, and true freedom.

My favorite part of the class were the daily videos with Chris. They were ALWAYS inspiring, and spoken with great clarity and love. I cannot think of one thing that was presented that was not integral to the class as a whole, whether it was spoken or written by Chris, or shared by classmates. What really worked for me were the repeated expressions of complete acceptance of whatever it was that I needed to do in this process to keep my energy alive and engaged. That there is no right or wrong way of doing it, and I felt loved every step of the way. I also loved the process of setting up my new painting studio as sacred space, and the place of refuge that it is for me now.

In the time it has taken me to complete this course, a shift has occurred within me. Not only do I feel no fear about painting, but what the paintings have shown me are surprising answers to hidden questions that have resided deep within for a long, long time. There is a new trust that I’m experiencing not only in my daily activities, but in opening up to the true path of my life. There is no doubt that this shift has come from listening to and honoring the voice of my True Self, aka THE PAINTING GODDESS!!!!, who sends me images and colors and energy from within that reveal deep meaning when they are channeled with paint onto paper.

This is just the beginning for me. So many paintings to come…!

Melissa Lettick

I have been deeply changed by Chris Zydel and the Wild Heart intuitive painting process.  When I came to my first class, I was in a state I can only describe as disconnected – from my creativity, my body, my hopes and desires, my true self.  In that first class and every class, retreat, and Wild Heart workshop that followed, Chris has gently but assuredly guided me back to myself by means of the brush, paint, paper, and deep listening to my own intuition.  The process is “simple but not easy,” so being held by Chris – whether in person or via her love-and-wisdom-filled blog and Facebook posts – makes it possible for me to come back to the painting, the paint, and the brush to reconnect with myself, over and over again.

Kelle Jacobs


Chris Zydel’s intuitive painting process is a soul-satisfying way to tap into an energy similar to meditating or dreaming. In that space, you can play with all the images, impulses, and colors that emerge, layering them on and engaging in shared storytelling with the subconscious.  For me, it’s much more immediate than writing for expressing what I feel at the deepest levels.  Chris encourages her students to trust the brush and the magical unfolding of life that goes along with it, and puts them in touch with the awe of their own creative power.  Glitter, fearlessness, vulnerability, challenging yourself, community, and laughter are all part of the exhilarating joy of the process.

Miriam G

Health Care Administrator

This class has been absolutely amazing to be part of. Chris is the most inspirational and loving woman I have met and has made me feel so safe to explore and take risks with my creativity. I am so looking forward to continuing this process and signing up to her other online courses.

Helen Segal

Painting with Fire is a truly magical experience I recommend it to artists at any stage of their journey. Chris Zydel is a loving and gifted spiritual teacher and I am blessed to have been led to her. Her teaching and guidance opened up my heart and made it safe for me to be my unique and creative self. Thank you for helping me learn to trust in the universal energy of love and creativity.

Dinah Martin

For me this was a beautiful course. It has helped so much with issues of trust and receiving, and giving – a realignment of head and heart. It has helped me to deal with those negative demons that almost made what I love – making art – into an ordeal. I realised the other day that I no longer feel lonely in my studio. Some shifting! Thank you Chris. Would I do this again? In a heartbeat……..xxxx

Caroline Brewer

I have been accessing your newsletter and lusting to go to a retreat about two years now. Finally I decided to take the plunge. And what a plunge it has been! I have been showered with support, compassion and encouragement from you and also from our group. I have allowed myself to dive deep and become more courageous in my expression than ever before. Through your teachings, meditations, movement and studio times with painters, I am now incorporating painting into my life like never before.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautiful gift. I will be on board when you repeat this class. Maybe I will even write in my journal:)!

Pat Taylor

What worked for me was Chris teaching it! It was like having wise sage momma lead the way on the creative journey! I always sense the love coming from Chris for her students! It was beautifully designed and I loved the videos because it made it feel more connected! The FaceBook group was a plus for uniting and sharing the journey with everyone from all over the world! Made it feel more intimate! I’ve been with you live in Santa Fe and honestly you developed a class that left you with the same feeling! The only thing that would have made it better was to give you a hug at the end!Bravo Chris and Tim!

Tammy Siebert

This class has really helped me to strengthen my bond with my intuitive side and brought that into my creativity. It has also helped me to form a very different relationship with my inner critic. When I.C. rears her head and says you better not do that, I know that I am on the right path, I tell her so what, then I do it anyway, with humor and glee. My favorite part has been to develop a daily painting practice. And I have thrived in the supportive atmosphere of this circle of like minded creatives.

Grace Hamilton

PWF is such a beautiful experience that allows you delve as deeply into yourself as you feel comfortable. At the same time, it is light-hearted and fun, filled with so much love from Chris and Tim, from the other participants, from the art pieces themselves; really quite extraordinary. One of those miracles where the magic of the group surpasses anything the individuals could dream up. And when you’re done, you’ve changed in ways that are quite surprising: more daring in your art, more confident just being yourself, relaxed about “mistakes”, and with a new loving attitude towards your inner critic. Chris is a gifted teacher, who together with Tim has created an extraordinary teaching class that uses the best of today’s online tools, while still being grounded in heart felt connection, didactic progression, and a firm and loving hand when needed. Thank you so much for this amazing class!

Birgit Weskamp

This class was AMAZING ! A dream come through, my creative Inner Child is solo happy that finally I have gotten it! This class made me live what I knew inside. Chris expressed it in every way beautifully: This creative practice is much more then painting, it’s our reconnecting with our Creative Essence .Practicing saying YES to the unknown while being compassionate to oneself. Everything Chris and Tim have created for the course, videos, text, live streaming have weaved together in a very balanced way! I am finally marrying Spirit and my unique creative expression! Wedding celebration… I am going to paint it now! Hurray Hurray LOOOOOVVEEE YOOOOU Chris and Tim and all the class

Avis Anderson

I have loved this course, and feel very blessed that somehow I found it. I have had a bumpy last 3 weeks – and,although sporadic I have been into my studio and painted. And, for me, so important, i realised a couple of days ago, that I was okay in my studio – I NO LONGER FELT LONELY IN THERE. For me this is really important. I went in today knowing I wanted to paint the crystal chakras on a background done the other day. I just love that I feel free to do this. For me, it’s big. And part of my letter to myself was this, ‘Move through the world painting your song, your story and your love’…… I love you Chris and Tim, and everyone on this journey. Thank you all….

Terry Martin

Chris is such a gifted teacher I don’t even have words to describe her. All I can really say is: EVERYBODY SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS. It’s magical and healing in ways that defy description. Whatever it is you need, you’ll find it here. Painting With Fire is an incredible gift.

Andrea Schroeder

Clichés ahead: I learned so much. Best online class I’ve ever taken. Changed my life. All true because this process of Intuitive Painting really did open a new doorway of thinking and processing for me.

Chris Zydel’s Painting with Fire online class was amazing, and I did not even allow myself the gift of implementing a daily practice over the 6 months it was offered!! After signing up, I convinced myself I couldn’t do this. I haven’t painted anything since grade school.

When you enroll, start listening to the weekly videos. Be compassionate and give yourSelf a chance. Chris is so gentle. While teaching you she is encouraging you: 15 minutes a day. You can do this.

Donna Fromm

If you are interested in being surrounded by unconditional love, deep inspiration, permission to be whoever the hell you are deep inside and raw freedom then this course is just up your alley. Chris Zydel is the Queen of all of the above and I recommend her work wholeheartedly.

Jane Cunningham

Anyone looking for a a great on-line painting experience? Check out Chris Zydel ‘s on-line “Painting With Fire” workshop. You won’t be disappointed!

Terri Decker

I took this workshop with Chris Zydel and I whole heartedly recommend it. My former committee of “too much this” and “too little that” that had caged my inner sunlight has transformed into a council of joyful gorillas that encourage me to let my creativity loose and dance. Take this workshop and join in the dance.

Grace Hamilton

This is an amazing program….It was so much fun! (And I learned a lot about myself in the process). Thank you Chris Zydel for the work you do.

Lynne Wilson

I LOVE this program to pieces because it cuts through a lot of creative- blocking-bullshit and helps you get in touch with your intuition.
The results after the class for me? Painting more and actually have a creative practise that I can fall back on that restores my sanity. Sane me= No Asshole= No Going out to Hiss at People = Peaceful Vibes
To translate that it just means you learn that you can trust your desires in any creative process. if you are looking to create differently, WHY WAIT?! SIGN UP CHILD!

Ian Jin Yap

Painting With Fire keeps opening deeper channels for me, both personally and professionally. This is NOT a class about ‘getting it right’, nor about technique, or which brush to use, but it IS a class about self-exploration, and putting it all on the canvas/paper/wood/wall in front of you.

For me, it was really about taking all of my emotions – whether I recognized/acknowledged/named them or not and creating a visual path for my heart to follow home.

So, just in case you’re interested in doing a little self-exploration, or showing yourself new ways to be, or starting a practice, I want to say that doing all of those things online, in six weeks, is totally possible. And also, it’s just a lot of fun, not to mention that there’s a FaceBook group where you can have some fellowship and camaraderie along the journey.

Shamsi Charlotte Pettus

If you are looking for a place to cultivate or rediscover your creativity– no matter what you like to do– I highly recommend this amazing online course taught by Chris Zydel. She will infect you with her joy and her giant heart. She helps to coax your inner artist to come out and play! For me it was an integral part of getting to know myself again and giving my heart a voice again. Enjoy!

Kelsey Keeler

If you know me at all, you know how much I adore Chris Zydel, and how much of a life-changer she and her Painting From The Wild Heart retreats have been in my life. Intuitive painting is such a gift and Chris is such a wise, loving presence. I always say over and over, go paint with this woman!! And if you can’t make it to go paint with her live and in person, you can experience the love and the process through the magic of the internet!! I took her online course last year, and it was so sweet to be able to be in the practice with her in my own way in my own little abode. I totally recommend her course if you ache for creativity but don’t quite know how to get there, or if you desire deeper connection with yourself and/or with the mystery, or if it just pings your heart a little.

Angie Fletchall

Once upon a time, intuitive painting saved my life, and Chris is the master… the mama of all intuitive painters!

Jenny Abbott

I love the intuitive painting process because it is bright, colorful, spiritual, FUN, profound, and absolutely awesome! Just like me! Do yourself a favor and check out Chris Zydel’s work!

Hatt Kelly

Chris Zydel is THE teacher for those who long to recover their creative spirit and soul through intuitive painting and creative self-expression. Not only is she a fantastically brillant teacher, she is one of the most lovely human beings on the planet. Dive in! You’ll be glad you did!

Beth Breedlove

I am just loving this course Chris Zydel. I am loving seeing how the way I now paint is changing and I am taking risks that I never would have before in my creative process. I think the biggest impact so far is how you have given me a language for the inner critic and how when I hear those ‘should ‘ words or those ‘too’ words it makes me realise that I am judging myself and then I can step back from that. With so much gratitude.

Bren Gordon

Hot damn, woman. Your Painting with Fire class is phenomenal. Beyond phenomenal! Life-shifting, heart-expanding, soul-filling work. I am *so* glad that you created this and brought it into the online realms so that you can reach so many beautiful souls who need your medicine. It truly is one of the best, most clear and focused, well-articulated and effective online classes I’ve taken – and I’ve taken a lot. :) It’s your real-time experience with this work over the years and Tim’s techie magic – that make this above and beyond. What I maybe love the most is that it is not just basic concepts made to look like more initially because of high-tech camera crews and entertaining editing – it is the real deal. Deep content. Rich content. Get-to-YOUR-work content – in bite-size chunks that nourish a sustainable practice for life. AND all with professional presentation. Stellar! ;)

Hali Karla

Chris Zydel is a zen master. You’ll love what happens when you paint with her.

Pam Match-Thiede

Discovering the intuitive painting process with Chris is one of the most transformative things that has ever happened to me. Not only has the process itself given me great joy, nourishment and release, but the things it has taught me have ripple out into my life with tremendous transformative power. Through Chris’s intuitive painting I have learned to trust the process; I have learned that it is ok to take a step, even though I don’t know what the next step after that will be. I have learned that I can listen to the inner voice, even when I don’t have a complete vision of where it is leading me, or a complete  understanding of what it is trying to tell me. I have learned that within the deepest, most creative parts of myself, God, the Source of Life resides, and by allowing those parts to break free I am making room for God and continuing Her sacred work of creation. Through Chris’s intuitive painting I have re-discovered the incredibly nourishing, energizing, soothing, life-giving power of pure creative play. And I have learned that I can be my own guide; all I have to do is trust.

Rebecca Morris

Chris’s deceptively simple instructions to paint what there’s energy for and release attachment to outcomes have the power to transform—not just the way you approach putting paint on paper, but the way you walk around in the world. Chris creates the conditions where you can practice what your soul already knows how to do: trust your intuition, have fun, embrace uncertainty, and just get over yourself. Her guidance and insight have been such such a gift, and I’m so grateful to have found her.

Laura Koch

My friends ask me, are you still going to art classes with Chris Zydel? They know I have been practicing intuitive painting with Chris for well over ten years, and what I suspect they are really thinking is, Haven’t you learned it all by now?

I’ve tried to explain, but you just have to experience it to understand.  Intuitive painting is more than painting or art classes; it is a spiritual practice of radical self-acceptance.  Because when we stand in front of a piece of white paper with the intention of allowing expression of whatever wants to be expressed, we need courage and we need guidance.

Chris is a creativity expert and a wise guide.  She utilizes her deep well of caring and compassion to create a supportive and safe space where anything can happen. She knows the ways in which we get in our own way, scare ourselves and shut ourselves down.   With wisdom, wit and steadfast fearlessness, she welcomes all the parts of her students–including the parts we don’t want and have invested great energy in repressing–and she encourages their free expression.  In Chris’ studio, nothing is off-limits.

I’ve also heard friends say, True free expression?  That sounds very self-indulgent!  Shouldn’t we be doing something more constructive with our time?   I can only answer that without my regular practice of intuitive painting, my energy dissipates and my focus on my work grows fuzzy.  I become restless, depressed, self-absorbed and out of touch.

Working with Chris, I somehow find the way back to my creativity, which is food and water to my inner self. Sometimes it is hard work, full of emotion and resistance, and she is there like a midwife supporting my labor.  At other times she gives me the gentlest of nudges and I fall into a space of magic and mystery where colors, shapes and images appear almost effortlessly on my paper.  The outcome–sometimes far from the gallery-worthy art that my ego hungers for–loses importance as Chris reminds me that this process is about exploring the inner world without judgment or shame.  The paper and paint are merely a postcard from an inner journey that unfailingly enriches and enlivens my life.

I cannot recommend Chris and Creative Juices Arts more highly!

Merideth Bowen Shamszad

Psychotherapist and author, The Story of Little Feather

It is hard for me to put into words what working with Chris has meant to me.  It feels miraculous that putting paint on paper can connect me so deeply with my innermost self, my divine wisdom, and even with the voice of Spirit.  Of course, it’s not simply putting paint on paper, it’s the sacred space that Chris has created in her studio, the container she holds for whatever comes up, and the absolute permission to experience whatever we need to experience.  Chris’s combination of earth-mother love, deep wisdom, wild humor, and no bullshit realism creates a space where it is possible to transcend my limits and go deeper, higher, bigger in all areas of my life.

Monica Garcia

I believe the universe planned for Chris Zydel and I to meet on Facebook. Our paths had crossed months before Chris decided to offer this Painting With Fire online intuitive class. My intuition was encouraging me to participate in one of Chris’s amazing art workshops one day… however, I didn’t realize it would be so soon!

I was so excited when I heard about Chris’s intuitive online Painting With Fire class and decided to give myself an early birthday present by registering ASAP!

This Painting With Fire class has inspired me to use my intuition in ways I didn’t realize was possible and has changed my life forever!
…It continues to heal me,
…my heart is loving more,
…my soul is soaring,
…my inner critic is not in charge anymore,
…my unique imagination is alive and well,
…my intuitive spirit has allowed me to trust my brush,
…and, continues to encourage me to love myself!

I’m forever grateful for Chris and this online intuitive painting class!

My future looks magical as I plan on continuing to use the Painting With Fire lessons in my art carrying these concepts into my life to help me fulfill my artistic dreams!

Blessings, light, love, and hugs to you dear Chris Zydel!

Deborah Young

I truly have heartfelt gratitude for Chris & Tim for taking this class online. It has saved my life. I really mean it. Radical Self Acceptance is a skill that has been broken down to doable steps in this course. I am so grateful for the gifts from the practice taught here. This class feels like a safe oasis for creatives to touch their inner ambrosia. If you are a wounded creative that has gone underground, go here. You can rest, recover and jumpstart your inner voice. I am a Fan forever.

Big Love.

Ian Yip

Attending Chris’s workshop in Oakland and taking the online class have been the most incredible gifts I’ve ever given myself.  It was something inside of me that led me to her class, even though I had no idea why. I realize now that I had to experience the ‘why’, that it was not something that could have been explained to me. The love! The passion! The ability to create a place of possibility for whatever needs to come through for everyone participating is a Truly Amazing gift Chris has!

Gisele Rivard

Painting With Fire was delightful and powerful from start to finish. With loving care Chris urged us to explore and express our creative genius, as well as what holds us back, so that we can not only paint, but live, lovingly connected to our soul’s creativity, and the limitless creativity of the Universe. Important, yes, yet also fun, joyful, and full of love, freedom and humor!

Anne Peek

This class inspires on many levels. It is really a journey into the soul and painting is the medium that takes you there. Chris is a compassionate soul trekker and her mission is to free the creative spirit. Sometimes that was joyful and there were times when I wanted to run from the painting. In this class I learned how to deal with my critic, let go of the outcome and practice radical self acceptance. A journey well worth taking!

Laura Duldner

I absolutely loved Chris Zydel’s course Painting With Fire. Even though I understood it was a course about the painting process as healing, I still was hoping to improve my painting technique somehow! It took me a while to start to realize the freedom inherent in creating from no rules, just trusting the brush and seeing what comes from inside. It took me back to childhood and the joy of pure creating. Chris is a compassionate and loving guide, interested in everyone taking part in her course. I’m looking forward to see what she comes up with next!

Iris Ztarr

The greatest gift of the class was realising that my creativity never needs to run dry. And that it is infinitely intriguing.

Lynn Cameron

For over five years now I have been trying to figure out how to get from Quebec, Canada, to California, USA, to attend Chris Zydel’s intuitive painting workshop. I literally squealed out loud when she announced this online workshop. As I knew it would, Chris’s infectious positive energy and deep wisdom shone through cyberspace into my heart and very soul. As a result of this workshop, I busted through major blocks I had in my art practice to discover, embrace and own my juicy intuitive creative style. This workshop is worth every single penny and then some!

Eliza Fayle

Wow. this class really blew my mind–in a great way! The lessons, the way they unfolded, day by day was really such a revelation, especially in the 5th and 6th weeks! The meditations were wonderful, I really enjoyed them. I am so delighted to realize that I can have access to my creativity anytime. The class has helped me to live on the path instead of wishing for it.

I had no idea what to expect coming in, but what I received was a transmission of love and genius soul matter. I feel deeply transformed in ways that my left brain cannot explain with words! I was able to work through many tough spots in my own blocks to creativity, and the final few lessons were extremely transformational. Communing with the creative well is pure joy. Thank you Chris! Thank you Painting with Fire!

Meena Merchant

What can I say to get everyone to take this course?!! It is such a powerful vehicle of self-discovery…fun and challenging and soul-opening!
It’s fun—working with gorgeous paint colors that are inexpensive so you don’t have to worry about how many paintings you can do.
It’s therapeutic—I never know what will show up in my painting, what feelings may be evoked through painting or journaling, and what may be released through this process. Since I have never had any art training, everything I paint is a surprise to me that I didn’t know was possible!
It’s an active meditation—watching my thoughts, paying attention to my inner experience, dealing with my resistance, practicing non-attachment to what I create. This process has become a primary part of my soul’s journey, opening up parts of myself that I didn’t know before…and it is a tangible mirror that IS me!
Along with all of the above, I loved doing this with Chris. I have done some things in person with her, but she really pulled off an amazing feat with PWF, connecting fully and deeply with us through virtual reality! Every night before bed, I loved opening my email to a new lesson with Chris talking to us on a video. It was such a high point of my day! And I was part of a fabulous FB group where those who wanted to, shared their process and paintings. It was and continues to be a wonderful tribe and ongoing source of support.
Chris, you truly created an amazing experience! You are absolutely one of my true teachers…you have combined your qualities of a big and loving heart, and an expressive and grounded presence, with deep, thoughtful, and transformative practices. I love that you are continuing to be present in your own journey and pass on to us that energy of spontaneous joy and creativity. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me and so many others!

Ann Tamminen

This class has truly been a transformational experience for me. I have become much more trusting of my inner promptings in life in addition to in my painting. I have been inspired to be braver and go deeper. I’ve made important progress in letting go of old conditioning of “not enough”.

Chris, your amazing Being-ness came through your written words, your videos, your Spreecasts, your guided meditations and your images and caused me to feel loved, supported and encouraged while also being challenged to meet my edge. Thank you for getting this opportunity for healing and growth out into the world! I look forward to PWF 2!And I’m planning to find a way to come and do a week-long retreat with you in person!

Rose Van Der Berg

If you’ve ever wanted to paint but fear prevented you from doing so, you should consider joining this amazing online class! I completed Chris Zydel’s class last year and felt like a gorgeous butterfly spreading my wings to soar up and away into the beautiful blue sky!
Actually, I loved this class so much… I’ve registered for her Teacher Training Program starting in May 2016. You will not regret participating in this online painting class because, Chris will help you conquer your inner critic and teach you to trust your heart… in her own words “PAINT IS LOVE!”!

Deborah Young

One of the best things about Painting With Fire with Chris Zydel is her recorded interactions with her workshop participants. We all face fears as we create, and these interactions offer so much wisdom. The next session of Painting With Fire is open for registration. I highly recommend this course!

Briana Götzen

Chris is a WONDER- FULL guide who is so in touch with her intuition that she just shares exactly what is needed with the most care and LOVE ! Working with her has allowed me to open my creative faucet who had been glued , taped , locked by my squad of Inner Critic , Perfectionist and Rational self …. My Soul is singing!

Raimonda Pironta

This is an amazing program….It was so much fun! (And I learned a lot about myself in the process). Thank you Chris Zydel for the work you do.

Lynne Wilson

Chris Zydel is the one you want to follow around and listen to if you are interested in powerful creative expression of ANY kind, but in particular if you have ever felt even an inkling that something to do with PAINT might be fun or freeing or exciting or even terrifying.
I’ve been listening and learning from her for many years now and her work has continued to become more powerful. I still have on my bucket list to train with her in person, but in the meantime, her online class was amaze! If you want to feel good and do good and be bolstered by a strong, funny, wise woman who always gathers the best students for sweet community, check this out.

Clarity Beaumont

I did this class last year. It was my first experience with intuitive painting and I knew almost nothing about painting. In fact I didn’t knew what I was in for… All I can say is that this was a truly AMAZING experience. For 6 weeks I and all the lucky people doing the class went through such a deep process of uncovering, discovering, healing and cleansing our whole being, expressing all our feelings through colors, allowing ourselves to “play” with them and show us what was going within. I had to deal with my Inner Critic, my inner Perfectionist, with Resistance and Procrastination, with Fear and Doubt, in a light and loving way, with the help of Chris Zydel and her immense knowledge and wisdom.

Lumi Vasille

What don’t I love about Intuitive Painting???? If you want to reach your deepest Soul, this is the doorway. And Chris Zydel is the perfect conduit.

Melissa Kim Dowling

I loved the freedom, the accessibility, the fantastic online space and the wonderful way this class was created and delivered.
I remember some very gleeful feelings letting rip with paint on big sheets of paper and letting go of all those rules I had in my head about what a painting should be.

Jo Farmer

I am so inspired by this class. I haven’t been painting long and have participated in several classes copying from the teachers. I learned that I could copy and then froze when I wanted to do my own thing. This intuitive painting process so difficult and challenging and yet so freeing. Looking at everyone’s current work in this class I see I’ll be called to free up even more!

Kristina Priest

Have you ever longed to paint but think to yourself, “I couldn’t possibly! I don’t know how! I have no training! I have no talent!” I’m here to tell you none of those beliefs are true. We have that longing inside to express ourselves creatively because we are creative beings and if we are stifling that natural urge because of limiting beliefs, our hearts hurt. Creative expression is our birthright. A way to get started in reclaiming your creative self is through intuitive painting. You will surprise yourself I promise. And intuitive painting with the fabulous Chris Zydel is the best! I started this journey back to my creative self a few years ago with Chris and I am so glad I did.
Intuitive painting is a transformational journey to your own self. It is a spiritual practice that puts you in touch with your birthright as a co-creative being in a universe full of possibilities. It is a journey that is more exciting than any actual travel journey or adventure as it is a journey to your own endless imagination, subconcious, soul, and connection to the whole of creation. Sounds fantastical? I promise you it is true! Painting with Chris is like standing on the edge of a cliff, taking the leap, experiencing the exhiliartion of the free falling, trusting that you will land safely, and when you do, finding the most beautiful treasures of your own beautiful self. Take the leap and sign up for this course! I promise you you will experience adventure, wonders, healing, and inspiration beyond your imaginings!

Beth Breedlove



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