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Wild Heart Painting Live Online Series with Chris Zydel. 4 session series.
Wild Heart Painting Live Online is a series 4 weekly live painting session with 16 participants. We meet online using the Zoom video conferencing platform and I work with each person several times throughout the session just like I would at a weekly class or retreat.

Painting with Fire! May 21 – June 29, 2018.
Painting with Fire! is a 6 week guided experience that teaches that basics principles of how I teach the Intuitive Painting Process. It includes, daily videos, written material, journal questions, and guided meditations in addition to several live webinars.


Weekend Workshops

Painting From The Wild Heart Retreats

Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training

Weekly Classes at the Creative Juices Arts Studio

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Why You Should NEVER Believe Someone Telling You That You Are Too Much

I was recently having a conversation with one of my beloved students when she stopped me in my tracks with a lovely acknowledgement. She said to me: “You know the reason that I chose you for my teacher is that you REALLY mean it when you say that you support me 100%...

Why The Inner Critic Does What It Does

It has always seemed so unfair that opening to my creative muse immediately whips my judging mind into a frenzy of activity. For a long while it was a puzzle to me. It didn’t make any sense as to why I would be so crippled by fear and doubt whenever I was inspired to...

How To Welcome A True Spiritual ( and creative) Breakthrough

When a true spiritual breakthrough is imminent, our soul will let us know that it is time through an experience of suffering.   We will find ourselves in a place of distress that often has no discernible source. We just know that we’re miserable, hurting and unhappy....

Celebrating Our Superpowers

  Recently, in one of my sacred creativity circles, a women shared about how flabbergasted she was when she heard me nonchalantly talk about my superpowers without apology, justification or disclaimer and without it being a big deal. Like it was the most natural thing...

Creativity Lives In The Body

  Perfectionism lives in the mind. The place of creative refuge is always in our body. When perfectionism comes on the scene frustration is not far behind. If you find yourself spinning out into mental anxiety around creating the RIGHT way, simply breathe your way...

What You REALLY Need If You Want To Be Creative

  One of the biggest lies around the creative process is that we have to be in a magical state of inspiration in order to create. This fantasy state is some combination of bright eyed and bushy tailed excitement, uber confidence and feeling an unbroken connection to...

Why Is It SO Hard To Keep The Magic Alive After A Transformational Retreat?

  I recently returned from an incredibly transformative week with my newest group of teacher training students. And was once again struck by the power of this work to make significant changes in people's lives. Through this Wild Heart Expressive Arts Process people...

Wild Heart Painting Retreat In The High Sierras

  I just returned from spending a mind bending and heart opening week facilitating the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Intuitive Painting Process with a bunch of amazing creative folks in a GORGEOUS natural environment. And I am reminded once again about the incredible...

Dealing With Dissolving: Navigational Wisdom For When Your Life Is Falling Apart

I just came back from a ten day journey to my beloved Southwest, where I got replenished and re nourished from spending time BATHING in the energy of that ancient red rock universe.  One of the things that feeds me so deeply in that landscape is the incredibly...

Becoming Priestess: An Invitation Into Radical Self Love

I am a person who has spent her life trying to heal the hurting places in women. Starting with myself. I want women to feel powerful. To have agency in their lives.To be full of their own light and shining goodness. To bring that goodness out in the world where it can...

Creative Juices Arts retreats and workshops are held at several beautiful and wonderful retreat centers around the country. Locations for all of them can be found below.

Creative Juices Arts Studio

432 Belleve Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610

Bodega Sky Ranch

21500 Coleman Valley Rd.
Bodega Bay, CA 95465

Tioga Lodge at Mono Lake

54411 US Highway 395
Lee Vining, CA, 93541

Cancellation policy

I’m hoping that you never have to cancel if you have signed up for one of my events. But of course, things do come up and plans change.  Below is my cancellation policy for those times.

Live Events

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you cancel before 60 days of the start of the event we will refund any amount you have paid, excluding the deposit, minus a $25 processing fee. If you cancel within 60 days of an event, full payment of any and all remaining costs will be due immediately. All payments are non-transferrable.

Online Classes, Workshops and Webinars

Payment for any and all online events is due upon registration and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. We do not offer refunds for technical issues or limitations of your computer, devices, or internet connection so please be sure to check the minimum requirements before registering.

Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Due to the professional nature of this training your spot in the training cannot be filled by someone else once the training has started. If you leave the training at any time for any reason, full payment for the remaining cost of the training will be due immediately.

In addition, if you decide to cancel the training within 60 days of the start of the training you will be responsible for paying the total cost of the training immediately upon your cancellation unless your spot can be filled by someone else in which case we will refund any amount you have paid, excluding the deposit, minus a $25 processing fee.


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