You Can Create No Matter HOW You Feel!

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Articles | 0 comments

There’s a lot of different ways that people unconsciously shut down their creative flow. But one of the more popular methods is by believing that you can only create when you are in a particular frame of mind. Sometimes it’s a belief that you need to feel inspired, or energetic or enthusiastic. Sometimes it’s thinking that creativity only happens when you are calm or grounded or unstressed.
But if you are always waiting for the ideal inner emotional conditions to make art it means that you are seriously limiting your opportunities for creative expression.
In my experience, you can create no matter WHAT emotional state you are in. You can create when you’re cranky, tired, hating life or sad. You don’t even need any IDEAS and you CERTAINLY don’t need a plan in order to create. All you need is the intention to be creative. And the willingness to actually take some action around your creative process.
The only thing that guarantees you will keep your creative mojo in tip-top shape is by committing to some kind of ongoing creative practice. Which means showing up for your creativity no matter what else is going on in your inner life. Instead of shying away from these uncomfortable states of being try actually using every bit of your internal experience as juicy creative fodder and seeing them as opportunities for creative transformation.
If you don’y shy away from anything that you are feeling, you will have an ENDLESS supply of creative energy and multitudes of opportunities to turn your life into art.
And possibly even begin to feel more inspired, energetic and grounded as a bonus!!
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