Why It’s So Important For You To Shine Your Own Light

by | May 11, 2021 | Articles | 1 comment

Many of us are still wrangling with a bullshit layer of some old UNHELPFUL story that comes out of an ancient family wound.

And this wound is related to the way that we took on the pain of those around us who couldn’t be supported to see their OWN beauty and gifts and inner light. And from that place of pain tried to dim our beauty and gifts and inner light down as a way to protect themselves.

Of course, we need to have compassion for that lineage of light dimming that we come out of and the suffering of those folks who weren’t trying to hurt us in a conscious way.

But you have to try and also remember this…. You ARE special, my love. We all are. And it’s our job to claim that specialness. To bring it to the world. To be as bright and as gorgeous as we are.

Because that specialness, that uniqueness, that beauty and light IS YOU!!! Through and through.

The world truly needs you to BE that blessing. Because you blazing brightly doesn’t take anything away from anyone else… it only creates more space for others to be their OWN bright light.


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