One of the biggest lies around the creative process is that we have to be in a magical state of inspiration in order to create.

This fantasy state is some combination of bright eyed and bushy tailed excitement, uber confidence and feeling an unbroken connection to the creative flow.

And one of the saddest things I see in my creative practice is when someone comes to my studio saying that they haven’t created in weeks, months, sometimes YEARS.

All because they have been waiting in vain to be blessed by that sweet creative elixir that they mistakenly think is the only indicator of a visit from the muse.

In my experience you can create no matter WHAT state you are in. You don’t even need any IDEAS in order to create. All you need is the intention to be creative. And the willingness to actually take some action around your creative process.

When people come to my Painting From The Wild Heart classes they discover that they can create when they’re tired. When they’re cranky. When they hate being creative. When they’re upset. When they’re convinced that they are stuck. When they’re bored or when they are feeling old, shut down and dried up.

The muse shows up when we show up.

If you devote yourself to her she won’t leave you in the creative lurch just because you’re in a bad mood.

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