Purple Iris

If you’ve been paying attention to the astrological weather you may have been hearing that the upcoming new moon/eclipse is incredibly powerful.

Partly that’s the case because it’s happening at the same time as the vernal equinox.

But it’s also held in the context of the final Pluto-Uranus square which is putting pressure on us to let go of old patterns including our sense of smallness, our stories of blame, martyrdom and being victimized and the belief that we are not enough.

The new moon itself is always about beginnings. It’s a time for seeds planted and for things to be birthed. The veil between the worlds is very, very thin tonight and we all have the opportunity to become like a new born babe, still fresh from cavorting with the cosmic energies. During this process, you will have one foot in both worlds, but you are moving INTO this one.

It’s a time steeped in magic.

In addition to the new moon there is a TOTAL eclipse of the sun… a rare event in and of itself… but it is occurring at the VERY, VERY tail end of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Which means there is the potential for releasing some ancient, ancient patterns. Pisces is associated with ancestral stuff of long standing. Stuff that is part of the collective unconscious. Things that go back and back and back.

Pisces is the guardian of the invisible realms. Things we can’t see, or know or even understand. So you don’t have to necessarily know WHAT you’re releasing. It’s simply opening to the intention TO release.

Pisces is a water sign. It heals through dissolving and dissolution.  Which means it could be a highly emotional time. So simply let your feelings flow. It’s also connected with the higher octaves of love and altered states of consciousness, so meditating, guided visualizations, making art with no attachment to outcome or going into journey space are highly recommended.

Any rituals that you perform tonight are going to be incredibly powerful in terms of engaging with this process of cosmic liberation.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to shed what no longer serves and to step into the spring season with a whole new expanded and joyful sense of yourself!

Enjoy yourself!!

Remember the Universe actually WANTS us to be happy, healed and whole.