There is a vulnerability to being an artist.


Tulips + Peppers



And that vulnerability comes from associating being loved for our work as being loved for ourselves.



When you create from your heart you ARE creating from love. And there are lots of old stories and memories from childhood, etc. where our love (aka creativity) was not received WITH love. So we carry some of those old wounds as beliefs and expectations. We think we can set boundaries and protect ourselves from that ancient pain by NOT loving our own work. And also by denying our deep longing that our work be received with love. We think if we close ourselves off to that love we will be kept safe.


But the exact opposite is what’s true.


When you create FROM love, you are already IN that place of love. When you can fully and wildly and passionately open to love through your own art, no matter WHAT you are creating, whether it’s paintings, or books or workshops or photos, you are already protected. You are protected BY that love.


You are already right where you want and need to be.


You are generating love. You are a gorgeous engine of love. And creation. And because you are no longer holding back…. anything… then that love that you are… that gets channeled through your being to your artwork because that’s also what you are… becomes a magnet, a beacon, an attracting force, a call, a summons, a blazing luminosity, a portal, your own unique Bat Signal of love.



That WILL be responded to. Guaranteed. Because the deepest hunger in our souls is to be close to anything that radiates love.