Some Notes & Musings On The Creative Process

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I’m pretty sure it will come as a surprise to NO one to hear that I spend a lot of my time thinking about creativity.
I’m endlessly curious about what it is, how it works, what gets in the way of its full expression and what helps to keep us in creative flow.
So today I took some time to make a few quick notes that cover much of what I know about creativity and to share them with you here.

Creativity delights in play.

It loves to make things up. It’s excited to see where your imagination can take you and is always encouraging to stretch yourself into uncharted realms and try things simply because they’re fun to do. Creativity doesn’t take itself seriously.

Creativity actually likes change.

It likes to try stuff just for the heck of it. It isn’t much interested in the tried and true. It likes to experiment and take risks. It gets bored easily and constantly wants to be making NEW things. It’s not concerned with safety. It’s willing to be uncertain. It’s fascinated by the process of venturing into the unknown.

Originality is baked into the creative process.

You don’t have to worry about being different. You already ARE different. You don’t have to try and be original. Being yourself and playing aground with your own creative ideas will birth something new into the world. Innovation is a natural byproduct of creativity.

Creativity is the thing that makes you feel the most alive.

It’s what excites you. What makes you feel totally engaged. It takes you to your edges. One of my core principals when teaching people how to get in touch with their creative energy is asking them “Where’s the energy? Where’s the juice?” And then allowing that to be the thing that leads you, and informs you.

Creativity is deeply connected to trust.

Creativity asks that you trust that you have something inside of you that is worthwhile to be expressed. Creativity is ALWAYS talking to you. It is always available to you. It simply wants you to listen to and trust in your creative voice and stop second guessing and rejecting it.

Creativity is not concerned about mistakes.

As far as it’s concerned there IS no such thing as a mistake. There’s only another opportunity to try something that will surprise you and take you out of your comfort zone.

You were born to create.

It’s your birthright and your power. We are all creators. It comes with the territory of being human.

Creative blocks are a myth.

If you invite your creativity to come out and play with you it always will. It’s always there ready and waiting. If you are feeling blocked it’s because you’re listening to fear and judgment. You’re listening to doubt. You’re worried about approval and comparison. You need to go back to listening to your creative voice. Then the imagined block will disappear.

Creativity flourishes during unstructured time.

It thrives on not having an agenda. Creativity is not a linear process. It is very circular and does not always make sense. Oftentimes you don’t know WHERE it’s leading you or where you’re going to end up. Give yourself space to meander. To noodle and doodle. Allow things to be messy. Chaotic even. Allow yourself to be confused. Creativity is a living force that revels in FREEDOM. Control will shut it down every time. It HATES being controlled.

Creativity is another word for your intuition.

For a deep and living wisdom that lives inside of you. It is a bottomless wellspring of goodness and joy. It loves you and will never abandon you.
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