Registration Is Now Open For The Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Online!!!

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Seventeen years ago in 2007 I was facilitating a week long painting retreat in Hawaii. One of my long time students who was there with me started talking about how much she wanted to learn how to facilitate people around the creative process like I did. And proceeded to spend the rest of the retreat and 2007 bugging me to create a training program teaching people how to do this work.
I had already been facilitating and teaching my own classes and workshops for twelve years and had a loyal following of students. But the idea of putting myself out there as a teacher of teachers frankly terrified me. All of my unworthiness and not enoughness inner tapes came roaring to the forefront of my psyche and paralyzed me for a time.
But another part of me knew that all of my resistance and fear and kicking and screaming was just putting off the inevitable truth which was that I really WANTED to share this work with women in a much bigger way. And also claim my own wisdom and mastery of this intuitive painting process as a teacher of teachers.
So I worked my way through my fears and in August of 2008 the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Teacher Training Program was born.
It’s probably one of the most amazing things I have ever had the joy to create. And guiding people through this process of becoming an intuitive painting facilitator and guide is one of the most profoundly meaningful and satisfying things I have ever done.
This year Tim and I will be launching my SIXTEENTH cohort of Wild Heart Teachers! Which still thrills me to no end.
The program begins at the end of April and goes for 6 months. And we are opening the doors now to begin the process of interviewing people who think they might be interested in joining us for this next grand adventure.
So if this work speaks to YOUR soul and you are looking to spend 2024 on a journey of personal and professional creative transformation click on the purplebutton below.
It will take you to a page with all the juicy details about the program as well as a way to sign up for a teacher training interview with us.
Can’t WAIT to see who joins us for this next round of the training and I sincerely hope that it’s YOU!!!!



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