Making Bad Art Fun!!!

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I am totally dedicated to helping folks find their way back to creative flow.
Which means I’m endlessly curious to discover what gets in the way and BLOCKS creative flow. One of the most nefarious and unfortunately popular of the creativity blockers is perfectionism. This is the belief that you should only do something if you can already do it well, that it’s not OK to be a stumbling, bumbling beginner and that if you can’t do something perfectly you shouldn’t even bother to try.
This is a recipe for NO creative anything EVER getting done. Perfectionism will bring your creative life to a screeching standstill. And will suck all of the joy out of your creative soul.
The only thing that matters to your muse is that you BE creative. Your muse doesn’t really care about things like good art or bad art or ugliness or beauty. Your muse only wants you to engage with your creativity any chance you get. And if that means you make a lot of what you perceive to be bad art, but you’re still creating, she will be very, very happy.
So the next time you make art TRY to make it the worst thing you could possibly imagine. Have fun with making terribly, awful ART!
And watch those pesky creative blocks simply dissolve right before your eyes.
I’m going to host a book launch celebration party this coming Sunday, April 25th where I will be wildly encouraging you to throw your perfectionism out the window while thoroughly enjoying yourself in the process.
So come and play with me!!
Details below…



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