Jupiter In Virgo: Aligning With Divine Order

by | Aug 30, 2015 | Articles | 2 comments

Orange Rose


Jupiter is one of my favorite all time planets. I love its joyful, fun-loving promise of endless bounty, expanded generosity and renewed faith in life.

It’s the planet of doors opening. Blockages disappearing. The open road and adventure ahead with the wind in your hair and Take It Easy playing full blast on the car stereo. It’s the planet of saying YES to everything from a place of big-hearted moxie and trusting that things ALWAYS work out eventually if only you give it your all.

Jupiter grants us the ability to see the ever present opportunities for expansion and growth in ANY situation. Even ones where other folks only see doubt and despair.

It’s often associated with luck, but its true gifts are a boundless attitude of optimism and possibility. It’s seeing the glass as not only half full but wildly overflowing. And that is the fertile ground from which luck grows like a crazy, over-amped weed.

Jupiter is the planet of divine discontent, always wanting MORE. More love. More beauty. More goodness. More justice. It is willing to take mega chances in order for that more to manifest. And because it believes that success is always just around the next corner, seemingly risky gambles pay off more often than not.

So given that I’m a Virgo, I’m pretty darn tickled that Jupiter has landed in my sign and will be blessing me and all my Virgo compadres with its cosmic largesse over the next thirteen months.

However, I wanted to talk about a few common misperceptions related to the sign of the Virgin that I would like to dispel here.

Virgo is an earthy sign and has a reputation for being concerned with creating order. She is seen as practical, realistic, quietly competent and continually striving for perfection.

Unfortunately, these seemingly humble virtues are often translated into being obsessed with making sure that the condiments in the spice cabinet are all neat and tidy and arranged alphabetically.

But Virgo’s hidden purpose and solid gold superpower is the capacity to align with DIVINE order.

She has the secret keys to the kingdom of divine feminine wisdom and creative alchemy. She is a down-to-earth witch with the ability to summon the pragmatic magical mojo required to make ideal visions of a more perfect world truly grounded and real.

She knows that this alchemical power she is teaming up with does not really belong to her. It’s something that circulates through her. Which means that she hones herself as a master vessel. A sacred container. A highly initiated receptacle for infinite vitality.

She is well aware that identifying with ego just tends to create speed bumps for divine energy and ultimately slows down and sometimes even blocks divine flow. So she gracefully steps out of the way, making it look like SHE’S not the one doing anything as she directs the transformative powers of the Universe through her very being as a selfless act of service to the greater community.

She doesn’t need the accolades associated with some of the other astrological signs because her reward for the function she serves is that ecstatically, electrically alive feeling that comes from opening to the massive primal energies of the earth element pouring through her and directed by her to where they will do the most good.

She is a temple priestess of the life force.

She willingly surrenders her need to control what she cannot ever understand. She knows that order always includes a spiral like dance with chaos and is NEVER a static end point but a fluid, ever changing process.

She values the focus that is gained by cultivating regularity and routine because she doesn’t want ANYTHING to distract her from her task of channeling that divine radiance into the world. And she deeply understands the wisdom of creating strong and sacred containers to hold the immensity of this cosmic firepower.

She is the ultimate medicine woman, but like all people who walk the true medicine path she operates in stealth mode.

Her humility conceals her connection to the power she is nurturing within. She is seen as no one special and she prefers to keep it that way. She appears to be quiet. Unassuming. Or maybe invisible like Baba Yaga hidden deep in the ancient forests. An old woman who is seemingly a threat to no one. But who carries the intelligence of the universe deep in her bones and blood.

She is utterly relentless in her quest for divine perfection.  And uses her formidable powers of analysis, discrimination and discernment to help her choose the path and methodology most likely to support that holy dream into achievable form.

She is a force of nature… the face of the Earth Goddess Gaia returning to align us ALL with this universal power to heal, to grow and to re-make the world in a way that serves everyone equally and leaves no one out of the cosmic AND worldly beneficence.

Of course, Jupiter is going to take these Virgo qualities and EXPAND them exponentially. Which means that there will be a powerful hunger combined with the competent ability to address real world problems in a realistic and sacred way.

You might not BE a Virgo ( and if you ARE, have fun) but everyone has Virgo someplace in their astrological chart. And wherever you find that Virgo connection she will be asking you to enter into some form of joyful, humble partnership with that infinite divine flow.

However, if you want to spend the next year using this gift making sure that Turmeric always comes after Thyme in your spice rack, be my guest.

But personally, I’m looking forward to a year of exuberantly practical transformation. And the precious opportunity to surrender ever more willingly to the Goddess Of Divine Order.


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  1. This has been a very interesting and eye opening read. I’ve never perceived Virgo in such a way and always thought that sign to be a bit stuck up and boring – no offense to you :) I associated it with my mother who is a Virgo rising.

    I have Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo. All the traditional interpretations state this is a terrible place for Venus to be in. But I believe that this Venus (my chart ruler) in Virgo is what enables me to channel my creativity so prolifically.

    I’m looking forward to Jupiter’s passage through these areas :)

  2. I am already seeing this…. I have SO much change going on, and although it’s not easy change, it has become a bit easier and there is MUCH forward movement since Jupiter entered the picture. Clearly, I am moving forward and making great strides, despite the uncomfortable nature of the changes, and I’m actually visualizing what things look like once the changes are complete!!! :) Thank you for this fabulous post. I will say, 2 virgos together? whew. #wildride

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