Jupiter In Cancer: How Big Can You Allow Your Heart To Be?

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Many of the outer planets are swimming around in water signs and will be there for quite awhile.


And more are joining the party. So I wanted to share with you all a few astro tips to help you navigate these sometimes murky waters as we continue to dive more deeply into  the fluidly liquid astrological realms.


I have talked about Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio in other posts but what I want to explore today is Jupiter going into Cancer. 


Jupiter expands everything it touches and Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, deep nurturance, healing, ancestors, family, emotions, feelings and the power of imagination. Which means that we are going to get a huge dose of ALL of these things through the middle of 2014.


Jupiter in Cancer shows up to remind is that we are all tender bunnies at our core.


Even the seemingly strongest and toughest of us. And we all have a reservoir of unmet needs, old hurts and hidden feelings that get put on the back burner for one reason or another. Ancient patterns of self neglect, busyness, cultural conditioning, taking care of others ahead of ourselves all get in the way of simply being with our own emotional experience. 


But that is about to change as these often suppressed feelings and emotions rise to the surface. This might show up as a gentle seeping, like water dripping down the side of an English stone cottage or the wild crashing of emotional tidal waves, but make no mistake… they ARE coming. 


So this is a time to make some space to simply allow your emotions to be there. It’s important to remember that they are FLUID which means you might be feeling a bit wobbly and all over the place. Up one minute down the next …. just imagine yourself bobbing around in the middle of a swirl, a spiral, a stream.  You also don’t need to make sense of them, you certainly don’t need to fix them and there really is nothing to fear from them.


You are simply being asked to feel. And feel.  And then feel some more. And to remember that the first step to ANY kind of healing always begins with telling the truth about what we really feel.


It’s a season when you are being called to be incredibly sweet and gentle with yourself, to make space and time where you give yourself immense amounts of comfort, succor and support. Go to your roots. Create an internal home that feeds you. Be your own good mama. Don’t be afraid to pamper and indulge yourself in body, soul and spirit. Take a vacation day BEFORE you need it. Have more massages. More than you ever thought possible.


Practice being compassionate to suffering in all its many forms.


Including your own. Weep for yourself. Weep for the world. It doesn’t matter. We are all in this big soup of heart and love and human vulnerability together. But now we are REALLY going to know it. And experience ourselves as a global family on a visceral level.


This is going to be happening for the next year or so, so you have plenty of time to get used to being a sopping, leaking, gorgeous mess of lovely blubbery feeling and exquisite sensitivity. With your heart becoming more open than it’s ever been before.



  1. What a wonderful, understanding, explanatory post. I shall be sharing this, if you don’t mind.

  2. Good for you, Chris!

  3. Beautifully said, Chris. I am so right there and is always helpful to know I am sooo in the flow! Thank you!

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