Astro Transits: The Healing Power Of Neptune

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Articles | 10 comments

Neptune, which is the planet of magic, transcendence, mysticism and the unseen moved out of the sign of Aquarius and into the sign of Pisces on February 3rd, 2012. Which is a big deal on a couple if different levels.

First of all, Neptune is one of the Big Three Transpersonal planets – the other two being Uranus and Pluto – which not only impacts us on a personal level but also collectively.

So having one of these planets changing signs means that a lot of things will be shifting and transforming energetically for everyone. Neptune is also now in its home sign of Pisces, which means that it’s native qualities will be amped up to a much greater intensity.

All of the transpersonal planets are related to radical transformation of one sort or another. They just do it in different ways. Neptune, especially in the water element of Pisces, transforms through dissolution and dissolving.

If something needs to change it will simply cause that thing to disappear, to melt and to evaporate.

One minute something is there, the next minute it’s not. These are slippery times, where you think one thing is happening and before you know it, circumstances, feelings, desires have totally changed. Neptune is the master of illusion and the sleight of hand so it can feel like it’s hard sometimes to even know what’s going on.

It’s the ultimate invitation to “go with the flow” and to discover how to travel in the realm of holy confusion and dancing with the unknown.

It’s about learning to be flexible in the way that water is fluid. Which means not getting too attached to established forms and structures. It’s an opportunity to engage in the practice of letting go and being malleable in the face of things continually morphing into something else … which can run the gamut from your job, your home and your relationships to your personality and belief systems.

Pisces is also related to not taking ourselves too seriously. To being willing to dive into the roiling seas of “now you see it, now you don’t” energy in the spirit of creative play, like sea otters darting in and out of the turbulent ocean waves.

Neptune and Pisces are deeply connected to the realms of myth, metaphor, dream and symbol. Which means that our rational thought processes are very likely going to be regularly hijacked by seemingly random intuitive impulses, strange visions, mysterious desires and incomprehensible omens and synchronicities.

Things are just not always going to make logical sense. So try not to expect them to. But the paradox is that even if you don’t understand these messages, you need to pay attention and hopefully find a way to respond.

Neptune (and Pisces) also rules poetry, photography and film. It is very much at home with anything that is non-linear or deals with the creation of illusion.

One of the ways that I am being impacted personally by this energy is that my creativity has gone into overdrive. How that is manifesting is that I’ve become passionate about photography and also been given a mandate from the Creative Goddess to start to writing poetry. Two things which I will be bringing much more of to you here. So stay tuned.

And in fact, I do have a poem which I would like to share with you that is based on my current experience of Neptune in Pisces.


When the seemingly solid path before you begins to crumble

And you find yourself scrambling for a foothold on the smallest clumps and clods of what you once knew

It is time

Like the rabbit

When she becomes aware she is in the crosshairs of coyotes hungry gaze

To gather your haunches beneath you

And with all the strength and power of your trembling sinews and bones

Launch yourself as high and as far as you can

Into the beckoning light of the ever mysterious moon.



  1. Love the poem. The imagery, palpable. Have you painted it?

  2. yes yes! Feeling it!! and the poem, and abundance of poetry – I am right there with you. Flowing! BEAUTIFUL poem chris…. mmmmmmmm… mmmmmmm…. mmmmmm is all I can say.

  3. i love this so much. thanks for the information–it’s so helpful. and the poem just melts me in the best ways. love love, rachael

  4. Oh Chris…that poem! That image! I don’t have words, but it effects me deeply. Thank you.

  5. I haven’t painted it yet. But that’s a fabulous idea!

    And I’m glad to hear that you liked the poem. (-:

  6. Dear Shelly,

    Thanks for letting me know that the poem touched you so deeply. It means a lot to hear that!

  7. Dear Rachel,

    You are so welcome. And I love it that the poem melted you. It’s music to my poetesses heart. (-:

  8. Hey Darling Sunni,

    Yes, yes, yes,…. I know you are RIGHT HERE my gorgeous mystical friend. It’s so great to find a poetry pal who really gets the joy of diving into the language of a poets heart. (-:

  9. Your poem touches deeply. Beautiful and inspiring, with a feeling of urgency that I feel in my heart and spirit now. Thank you!

    I also love not taking ourselves too seriously. Recently I was distraught about an email I received from a friend. The next day my partner told me he had a dream that he was to tell me the email was actually from coyote, the trickster. It made me laugh so hard – the silliness of the seriousness I placed on a few lines. What a relief to find flow, flexibility and lightness!

  10. just leaving a little more love. pisces style. this poem is truth, so so eloquent and primal all at once. like life…

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