Is Painting With Fire For You? Do I Have To Be An Artist To Take This Class?

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Articles | 0 comments

My signature online intuitive painting class Painting With Fire begins in a week. And many people have happily signed up in eager preparation for a 6 week deep dive into their sacred creative being through the intuitive painting process.
But there are still quite a few folks thinking about the class and wondering if this class is for them.
So I thought I would take a few moments to answer some common concerns by addressing a different aspect of this class every day for the next week.
Another question I hear a lot is do I have to be an artist to take this class. Well, first of all I think EVERYONE is an artist and everyone is creative. We develop the belief that we’re NOT creative because of cultural conditioning and early creative wounding. I can’t tell you how many stories I hear from folks about how they were told in KINDERGARTEN that they just weren’t very good at art. Which is the height of utter bullshit.
So the problem you have with creating is never that you “ don’t have a creative bone in your body” or that you’re not talented. The issue is that you never got the support to nurture your creative soul and the encouragement to discover your own unique creative way of being.
But that is exactly what Painting With Fire will offer you. It’s a safe place, free of judgment and full of all kinds of opportunities to experiment with being creative and getting celebrated and mentored along the way. It’s a wonderful class for beginners to begin to develop creative confidence in their own way of making art. And it’s also chock full of a bunch of brand new ideas to help keep you in the creative flow if you’re a more experienced artist.
So if you are ready to reclaim your natural artist self and feed your creative soul, this class is for you.
Painting With Fire begins this coming Monday, April 5th!!



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