INTUITION and The Invitation To Adventure Into The Unknown

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Our rational, logical and linear mind is more limited than we are led to believe.


There are many times in our lives when we need to make choices or decisions and just don’t have enough information from the visible world to take confident action.  And when that happens, we can end up feeling feel lost or in the dark or confused.  Out of desperation we often try to find our way out of the uncertainty by frantically searching for MORE left brain information, which only serves to intensify the confusion.

Those places of desperation are usually a sign that we are headed into territory that is totally unfamiliar. And we need new and novel ways of accessing instructional wisdom to guide us. 

And this is where our intuition can step in and save the day. Intuition is expressly designed to navigate the anxiety provoking and murky waters of the unknown. It can help us to maneuver that liminal space between where we are now and an unforseeable and oftentimes unfathomable future by showing us where the hidden breadcrumbs on the secret paths of potential lie.  Which all sounds great and dandy until we realize that to find this new path we need to completely step off the old path of what we think we know. 

That is why we so often argue with the intuition and refuse its wisdom when it DOES show us those sacred breadcrumbs. We want the map. But we want the SAME map we’ve always used with all the recognizable  landmarks so that we can feel safe and secure. 

Our intuition’s job is not to make sure we are never uncomfortable. It’s function is not to provide certainty. Following its directives could very possibly lead us into situations that we feel totally unprepared to meet. More often than not it will entice us into scenarios that are hella scary but will challenge us to increase our capacity for love or courage or power. It never guarantees us ANYTHING except the chance to be fully alive and deeply connected to our souls truth.  Which is often the only thing we have to hold onto during times when the way forward is simply not clear.

Of course, we are ALL in the great cosmic blender being churned and doused with a huge dose of the unknown right now. And we are scrambling to figure out how to navigate this new and often terrifyingly slipping and sliding terrain with our left brain toolbox.  But it’s not working. And it CAN’T work because the territory we are in is so bizarre and alien.  None of us in our lifetime have experienced ANYTHING even remotely like what we’re going through now as a collective. It’s literally incomprehensible. Yet it’s also happening. 

I hear a lot of people holding out and holding on for a “return to normal” But on some level it’s beginning to dawn on us that there IS no going back. Back is gone. The world we knew has dissolved and disappered. The door to that prior reality has been bolted shut and there is no key.

We need to learn new skills , new language and a new way of thinking about things. But we don’t even know what those things are yet. And this is where our intuition can help us. 

We can’t muscle our way into what’s next through force of will but we can follow the threads of feeling, emotion and gut instinct an allow them to lead us.  We can begin to access our imagination and our capacity for metaphor to tap into a new vision of the future. And we can allow ourselves to get very quiet and listen deeply for hints from the mystery about what’s coming and how to proceed. 

Developing the capacity to trust in our intuition is actually one of the best tools we have at our disposal in order to stay fluid and resilient during these times of monumental change and transformation.  The intuition is incredibly tuned into the continually morphing sea changes of the present moment and has no attachment to a particular future outcome or any allegiance to the past. Which means it can pivot on a dime if need be and respond to rapid shifts and fluctuations in the environment with relative ease. 

Our intuition loves a good adventure and is continually inviting us to embrace the unknown and let go of what we think we know so we can be open to the not-knowing of new creative energy. 

And at this point in time we need all the creative energy we can get. 

Journal Questions:

1.) How do you deal with your anxiety when confronted with new and unfamiliar situations?

2.) What are the kinds of things you argue with your intuition about? 

3.) When have you allowed your intuition to guide you through an experience of the unknown? 




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