How To Welcome A True Spiritual ( and Creative) Breakthrough

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Our soul will sometimes let us know that it is time to heal something within us through an experience of suffering. We will find ourselves in a place of distress that sometimes has no discernible source. We just know that we’re miserable, hurting and unhappy. This is how the invitation reveals itself.

So the first step to breakthrough is through the process of inquiry.


It’s being willing to ask the question over and over again… what’s going on? What’s at the root of this suffering? And then continuing to stay open with compassionate relentlessness, petitioning your inner wisdom, your intuition, your body and your spirit to reveal the core issue and belief that is the source of the spiritual blockage.


You can also call on your sacred knowing through the creative process. Let your creativity lead you. Paint without any kind of a plan. Just allow the colors, shapes and images that want to spontaneously flow out of your brush to lead you where your soul needs you to go. Spend some time free writing in your journal. Or get up on your feet and let your body move you, releasing your desire to control your movements. Breathe deeply and make some sounds. Give yourself permission to growl or moan or hiss or sigh letting your primal feelings be expressed through the power of your authentic voice.

The next step is then really LISTENING for the answer. Being open to what your wisdom, spirit or intuition is telling you through your brush or your words or where your body wants to take you. And watching your knee-jerk tendency to reject certain truths because you don’t want to look at what is being exposed or to believe what you’re seeing is true.


Honestly admit when your soul is saying YES to some feeling or insight or energy and when it is saying a very clear and unmistakeable NO.


And finally, simply standing firm with what is being revealed to you and allowing yourself to feel it all, even and ESPECIALLY when it includes INCREDIBLE discomfort. Those places of discomfort are pure gold when it comes to becoming more awake, aware and alive.

This can be profoundly challenging and even counterintuitive, but as much as possible stay with the discomfort. Allow it to unfold in its own way. In its own time. Don’t try to fix it or jump over it or avoid it or attempt to make it go faster. Let it be your teacher. It has something deeply valuable to tell you and to show you. Slow down and engage with it from a place of curiosity and compassion until the energy shifts and releases. Which it eventually will if you hold yourself with enough patience and willingness and presence.

It’s also more than OK to reach out and ask for someone to witness and hold space for you if you hit a particularly rough patch.


And of course, always remember to call on your connection to spirit to support you as you go on this underworld journey into the ancient muck in your psyche in the service of greater wholeness and healing.



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