In terms of the creative process everyone always talks about wanting to be in the flow.

But the thing that everyone forgets is that there are many different KINDS of flow.

And the least popular experience of flow is the one where it feels like you are trying to maneuver your way around the boulders and eddies of a class five rapids without crashing your kayak on the rocks below.

But that is OFTEN how flow works. Being IN the flow means surrender. And surrender looks like opening yourself to anything and everything that presents itself to you and allowing spirit to lead the way.

Flow doesn’t need for you to be serene and accepting or even believing in it. You can be as cranky as you need to be and doubting every step of the way. But flow does demand that you continually show up and let the elemental energies flip you over and turn you around.

And hopefully gain a bit more trust in the mysterious unfolding of life in the process.

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