For The Times When There Is No Map

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Articles | 0 comments

No matter what it might look like from the outside, everyone is learning the hard way.
So give yourself a break.
If you’re struggling or floundering or feeling stuck and confused and can’t see a way forward out of whatever is challenging in your life right now, know you are in good company with all the rest of us stumbling, bumbling and wildly flailing humans.
Lurching forward haphazardly into the dark of the unknown isn’t a bug… it’s a feature of being alive.
It’s why trying new things and taking risks and simply living requires SO MUCH COURAGE. Because it is SO INCREDIBLY MESSY.
There really isn’t a map. There’s no guarantees… ever. You can never know how your efforts will pan out. The consequences of any action taken or not are continually shrouded in mystery.
What looks like a good idea can blow up in your face in a monumental fashion. And what seems to be a foolhardy and questionable decision can lead to unexpected gifts and openings.
You just never know.
So keep trying anyway. It’s the only thing you can really do. Don’t take yourself and the whole mishegas too seriously.
Try to get used to making messes with utter abandon.
And as much as possible keep your heart open to yourself and your compadres on this wild and woolly life journey.




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