Astro Wisdom: Gemini as Holy Messenger of Sacred Curiosity

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When Gemini appears on the scene you can be guaranteed an endlessly entertaining torrent of scintillating conversation about anything and everything under the sun.

Gemini’s primary superpower is an unquenchable curiosity that searches far and wide for the most interesting bits of information to share and explore, fully confident that anything they learn will lead them down ever more compelling avenues of new things to discover.

They love to be surprised and regularly swim in the wildly turbulent waters of paradox and contradiction. They seem to thrive on chaos and thrill to the opportunity of being catapulted into the unknown where they hope to pluck from the universal flow even more awe inspiring facts, data and messages from the cosmos.

Gemini is endlessly fascinated by the multitudinous variety that is this world and doesn’t want to waste a minute not learning or communicating about all the amazingness that they have encountered. Which is why you often find Geminis on the phone and the computer at the same time with the TV or a radio on in the background. They live to be intellectually stimulated and have no patience for being bored… even for a nano-second.

Gemini is ruled by the god Mercury, also known as Quicksilver , and the astonishing speed at which they are capable of thinking and talking and moving can leave their more earth bound brothers and sisters a little out of breath and open mouthed in amazement.

Gemini’s have the enviable ability to seemingly age backwards fueled by their capacity for a child-like enthusiasm and wonder that keeps their brains nimble combined with an openness to the wonders of the world and a playful fun loving spirit that keeps their hearts young.

They are an incredible depository of facts and collectors of data and never seem to forget anything that they have seen or read. They love to learn and are always hungry to learn even more. They want to know everything, while at the same time fully aware that knowing everything is a total impossibilty and there is always MORE to be revealed.

They love to talk and are wildly captivating storytellers, tellers of tall tales and raconteurs and and have no problem embellishing the truth if it makes the story more interesting and entertaining. They are also passionately enthusiastic gossip mongers and love knowing everything there is to know about a person or a situation, because they are totally captivated by the inexhaustible vagaries of the human condition.

For them, the world is one big playground full of opportunities to interact with whatever they find in the most interesting way imaginable. They are masters of improvisation with the lightning quick reflexes of a cat combined with the ability to see twenty different potential approaches to any problem or scenario without getting overwhelmed. And the ability to quickly choose the best course of action based on an internal calculus that would leave the rest of us scratching our heads in wonder.

They are amazing teachers because commmunication is one of their innate gifts and they are always poised and ready to expound upon everything that they know with great enthusiasm. But even more importantly they are in love with the questions that are the precursor to knowing anything and they share that love of HOW to learn with the people who choose them as teachers.

They are completely intoxicated by words and riveted by the power of language to charm and delight and to alter peoples perceptions of the world which is why you will find that anyone who takes themselves seriously as a writer often has a gemini planet prominently displayed in their natal chart.

All of the signs have a negative stereotype, and for Gemini it’s that they can’t stay with any one thing for too long. They thrive on endless variety and jump from one interest to another with head spinning speed, being passionate about learning something until they become bored and then happily moving on to the next fascination.

Lesser mortals are constantly admonishing them to just pick ONE thing and settle down, but that would be equivalent to putting some beautiful, wonder loving bird in a cage. They need to be able to follow the threads of their own curiosity wherever that may lead them, without the constraints of a narrow focus that hinders their need for continual intellectual exploration.

During this Gemini season allow your mind to stay open and supple and for curiosity to be your guiding star and watch your world expand in ways that you never dreamed were possible.




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