Astro Wisdom: Capricorn as Wise Manifesting Elder

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When Capricorn appears on the scene it’s time to get to work.

Capricorn is  the archetype associated with a driveness to make an indelible mark on the world. Capricorn knows that this third dimension is wholly malleable to the power of intention and focus. That we can create what we want here in the realm of matter and form but that we need to come prepared with a strategy, a plan and a clearly defined goal. Plus the willingness to take step by step action and to keep going no matter what obstacles or difficulties present themselves along the way. 

Capricorn is the ultimate realist. She understands that challenge and frustration are just a predictable part of the journey to earthly manifestation. And that meeting those dilemmas with determination and objectivity not only guarantees our outer success but builds an unassailable sense of inner value and self worth. 

Capricorn is utterly certain that there is no problem that can’t be solved if you only spend the time, energy and effort to find a workable solution. Capricorn thrives on the pursuit of mastery but doesn’t allow perfection to get in the way of achievement and accomplishment, knowing in their bones that getting something done is always better than clinging to an unrealizable fantasy. 

Capricorn values effectiveness and results but doesn’t EVER cut corners on the way to a successful outcome. Integrity is their clarion call and discipline their way of devotion. They are the embodiment of the wise elder with a profound comprehension of what it takes to live a satisfying life based on the grown up values of  stability, trustworthiness, taking responsibilty for ones own actions, and commitment to a powerful purpose.  

Capricorn embodies the archetype of the Hermit and they absolutely need sacred alone time. They return again and again to their spiritual center through the ongoing practice of solitude where they can listen deeply for the wisdom continually bubbling up from the depths of their grounded souls. 

Capricorns are often the reliable rocks in their communities and are the ones people turn to for guidance and assistance when things get hard. But their way of offering support is to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. They expect you to show up fully to your life and to be the best that you can possibly be. And they demand your excellence and the accountability that comes from being honest about how your beliefs and actions contribute to your triumphs and your failures. 

Capricorn thrives on moving mountains and making the impossible possible through concentrated effort in the service of an honorable goal. And gain both inner and outer respect through their diligence and unwillingness to never give up on what they deem to be worthy of their time and attention. 

They are the  preeminent survivalists, being extremely practical and pragmatic when it comes to creating an unshakeable  sense of security, especially on the physical and material level.  They understand the power of limits and limitation as forces not to be feared but the forge upon which to create lasting and durable business, family and organizational structures that stand the test of time. And find great meaning in building sturdy foundations that support ongoing growth and abundance. 

Capricorn honors the concept of free will, with the deep awareness that we have the choice to do whatever we want. But with the even deeper knowlegde that there are always consequences to any action taken. 

Capricorn knows that the buck ALWAYS stops with them. They are the self sufficient and sovereign CEO of their own lives, directing their immense persevering will power into character building intentionality, achieving their full potential and pursuing personally meaningful accomplishments. 

Capricorn epitomizes a sense of natural authority and dignity, a reverence for nourishing traditions and an almost religious zeal for strategies and tactics that yield tangible, real world results. 

Their good reputation is something that they guard with their life and they thrive in situations where their expertise, realism and hard won wisdom is valued and utilized by their larger community. 

Capricorn carries the world on her broad and capable shoulders with quiet and uncomplaining grace. And her steadfast loyalty and unshakeable allegiance to duty and doing the right thing keeps the world from flying off its axis through her rock solid brand of unwavering love.

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