An Invocation To The Glories Of The Unknown

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Articles | 0 comments

What I sell is the unknown.
I make it safe for people to explore the invisible, to not know what they are doing or why they are doing it and trusting that it’s OK to do it anyway.
I give people permission to do away with stories. With explanations. With understanding. With justifications and with defending their desires. And with needing to answer the question “Why?”
I’m only interested in the Sacred What and the Holy How.
In my world, feelings matter. Intuition rules. And I take the dream time seriously.
I make room for the unreasonable. I freely open the door for the irrational to come barreling in. I create spaciousness for whimsy and magic and caprice. I trust implicitly in spontaneous impulse, imagination, visceral instinct and the genius of your intuition.
I gleefully follow the twists and turns of non-linearity, knowing that pure logic has its place. But also has its limits. And that there is divine order in the most chaotic of situations. I dive headlong into the rabbit hole where up is down, no is yes, and surrendering to confusion is the most direct path to true clarity.
I will guide you into realms where anything is possible and anything can happen. Where fish swim in the sky and the sun illuminates the ocean depths. Where you don’t have to be constrained by what you think you know or what you should or shouldn’t do.
Here you have the freedom to explore the outer limits of the immense and verdant imaginal realms that reside inside every cell of your being.
I am a champion of creative liberation. I will shout halleluia as you take the risk to create freely on your own terms. Where you don’t allow yourself to be shackled by the need for external approval or the directive to copy something even if that something is in your own mind.
I will cheer you on as you exercise the courage to jump headfirst into the creative void simply because your heart calls you to do so. As you open to the willingness to try something you have never done before, simply because you are curious. And you want to. Badly.
I am an emissary of the wild energy of coyote. The creative trickster. My job is to turn you round and round until you are dizzy with divine inspiration and joyful wildness is pumping through your veins. And I do it all with love.
I am a compassionate tour guide to the mystery. The place where there are no maps and the only requirement for entry is that you willingly let go of your need control just about anything.
Crossing this threshold offers you the possibility of divine connection through making art. Of deep soul healing through expressing yourself without holding anything back. Of awakening to your true self through the magic of creation. Of radical self acceptance through opening your heart to your deepest primal longings.



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