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 January 11, 2015 New Class for Men!!! Painting from the XY Heart: Intuitive Painting for Men with Tim Lajoie at the Creative Juices Arts Studio in Oakland California

January 17-23, 2015 Painting From The Wild Heart Retreat at Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga, California

September 10-17, 2015 Painting From The Wild Heart in New Mexico at The Ghost Ranch Conference Center

 I am also THRILLED to be one of the many amazing teachers at Life Book in 2015!! You can sign up for the magics by clicking on this link here.




ONGOING WEEKLY CLASSES at the Creative Juices Arts studio in Oakland, CA


And I am also an astrologer!! More info here about my ASTROLOGY READINGS .

We are all naturally creative, and we all have a creative gift that is authentically ours, wanting to be expressed.

Sometimes this gift is written, sung, painted, spoken or danced. At other times it shows up through things like cooking, growing a business, raising a child, designing a home, building a guitar, or bringing an idea into the world.

No matter what form it ultimately takes, our creativity is one of the most unique and precious aspects of who we are.


But Something Stops Our Natural Creative Flow

We often feel blocked or stuck around our desire to manifest our creativity. We tell ourselves it’s not important. We let other things get in the way and don’t feel justified in making creativity a priority in our lives.

Or every time we try to be creative we torture ourselves with “shoulds” and impossible visions of perfection.

Many of us get messages from an early age that our individual creative expression, which is another way of saying who we really are, is somehow not good enough. We lose touch with our natural creative source and thus lose touch with that core energy that allows us to feel nourished, grounded, fully alive and connected to ourselves and others.

At Creative Juices Arts you are provided with the support, challenge and respect to learn to fully trust and gain confidence in your incomparable, intuitive, creative self.

The basic philosophy at Creative Juices Arts is the belief that a regular diet of creative self expression is an important and often underutilized tool for those of us on the path of spiritual and psychological growth.

And that creativity is an essential ingredient of success and satisfaction in any area of our lives.

Taking the time and making the space for your creative self can reconnect you with a sense of meaning and purpose, regain your long forgotten childlike joy and help you maintain greater flexibility in the face of life’s many challenges.

Regularly diving into your creative pool renews your soul, heals your spirit, keeps your inner spark alive and allows you greater intimacy with the full depths of your being.

And it’s fun! Creativity is just another word for play …

sharon and catherine dancing

… and playfulness keeps you young at heart, juicy, curious and open to life.


There’s No Way To Do it Wrong!

This radical approach to creativity is not oriented towards developing artistic skills or analyzing a completed project. It is very different from traditional art classes where technique, style and end product are emphasized.



Instead of perceiving art as something you need to master, the emphasis is on learning how to encourage and value your natural, spontaneous, creative self expression.

Its singular focus is on learning how to trust in the flow of the creative process itself, which allows you to develop a sense of compassionate self attunement and to connect more deeply with yourself in a powerful, nonverbal way.




All Levels Of Creative Experience Are Welcome

If you are an accomplished artist, your art will be enriched by embracing your own creative style in an atmosphere free of comparison and judgment. Watch longtime creative blocks dissolve as you learn how to deal directly and successfully with the inner critic.

If you consider yourself creativity-challenged, fear not! All you need is curiosity and an open mind. You will be guided and supported in an environment free of critique and full of warmth, safety and encouragement.

Creativity Can’t Help But Flourish in a Supportive Creative Community

In the weekly classes and personal growth retreats, expressive painting, collage, paper mache, movement/dance, writing, singing and other types of in-depth expressive art therapy are used to develop an environment that fosters the growth of a genuine creative community.

San diego group shot


The creative healing circles offered at Creative Juices Arts are a place for you to feel safely seen as you engage in the process of spiritual and emotional self discovery and exploration. You will learn to be more joyfully spontaneous and to effectively defend yourself against harsh internal judgments.


Tapping into your creative source can lead to the healing and transformation of unconscious patterns that no longer serve you, bring greater self awareness and encourage the flowering of many aspects of your matchless creative essence.


If you would like more information about the multitudinously wonderful events here at Creative Juices Arts please click here and you will be taken directly to the current schedule.


Why people love this…..


“I am a person who has utilized many healing modalities, including traditional therapy and many spiritual teachings and paths. When I first attended Chris’s Creative Juices Arts classes I expected more of the same but found something quite different. I found a healing modality where I actually teach myself. With Chris’s loving presence the space is created for me to paint until I learn what I need to know from my art. Imagine — healing and therapy from your own guidance rather than a teacher/healer’s agenda! For me, it has been the most valuable tool for living that I have found — I can’t imagine being without my weekly painting and Chris’s wise support for whatever I am learning at the time.”

Teri W.– Writer, Bookstore Owner

Working with Chris Zydel is a phenomenal experience. It’s life-changing. Really.

Her capacity for understanding, compassion and empathy laced with an uncanny knack for giving a gentle, loving shove at just the right time has resulted in more layers of accumulated hurt/shame/guilt being released than I think I’m truly even aware of.Whether it’s in her role as an astrologer, psychotherapist, or expressive arts therapist, with individuals or in groups, she weaves a space of acceptance, trust and safety. Time after time I’ve experienced her capacity to create a space in which myself and others are able to let go of many of our protective strategies and able to be authentic in a way that reveals our shared humanity and invites healing.
There’s no forcing – it’s all done in a spirit of gentle invitation. An invitation to be courageous, to drop our daily masks/strategies/stories and dare to see the glorious, creative shining beings each and every one of us truly are.

Dawn Raymond—Artist, Activist

All photos on this site are taken by Chris Zydel unless otherwise indicated


The Creative Juices Arts Studio is located at 432 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610