Holidays are always such a mixed bag for folks.

Especially this one where we’re supposed to be all merry and cheery.

And if you ARE genuinely feeling merry and cheery I party with you joyfully!

But maybe today is no big deal and if that’s the case, rock on!

Maybe you’ve lost someone you love this year and all you can do is cry and miss them. I hold your heart tenderly in mine as your tears continue to flow.

Maybe you are lonely and disappointed in where your life has led you up until now. I see your pain and struggle and wish for you hope in the future.

Maybe you are simply cranky and hating the whole shebang. Can I hear a righteous Right ON!

If you are in the middle of a gorgeous love fest, allow it to soak into every pore of your being and fill you up from your head to your toes.

If you are in need of support, don’t be afraid to ask. There is always someone out there who can respond to your pain, no matter what you may tell yourself to the contrary.

And try to remember this:

Being human is hard. And messy. And freaking weird. And terribly complicated. And often totally confusing.

But a human life is also incredibly full of so much gorgeousness and faith and generosity and quirkiness and brilliance and magnificence and bravery and vulnerability that it makes my heart ache with the blinding beauty and my head explode with the amazingness of it all.

You get to be ALL of that … all at the same time. Because you ARE human. And it doesn’t matter WHAT day it is.

So whether you are happy or sad or pissed off or just kind of OK… I want you to know I see you and celebrate you and am so very grateful to have your wild and wondrous self in my life.

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