I just returned from spending a mind bending and heart opening week facilitating the Wild Heart Expressive Arts Intuitive Painting Process with a bunch of amazing creative folks in a GORGEOUS natural environment.

And I am reminded once again about the incredible POWER of this work to heal, to transform, to inspire and open the heart and mind and spirit to the sacred expansiveness of who we truly are.

And how NOTHING compares with live, in person, retreats. Nothing.

The creative community aspect alone is worth the price of admission. It really brings you up to the edges of the question: “How much love and joy and support and encouragement can I allow myself to receive?”

And the intuitive painting process that I teach is pure magic. It is a direct spiritual plug-in to magic. It reminds you that you ARE magic. And creates mega magic mojo in your life. Real, true, bone deep magic.

Add to that delicious and healthy food to nourish your body. Breathtaking natural beauty to nourish your soul. Mega amounts of art supplies to nourish your creative spirit. And wondrous creative companions to nourish your heart.

Come and join me for the wild hearted painting extravaganza in June!


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