One of the little known benefits of the wild heart expressive arts intuitive painting process is that it … *ahem* … gets ALL your juices flowing. Including the sexy ones. And that’s no joke.

A couple of years ago I had a woman who came to one of my weekend painting retreats. She and her husband were saving up to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay area and for those of you who live here you know what a VERY big and stressful deal that can be.

So he was kind of cranky that she was using some of the moolah that could have gone into the Buy-The-House fund to do this workshop for herself.

The workshop was three days long and by the end of the second day she was SO juiced and jazzed up that she went home and TOTALLY spontaneously jumped his bones.

The next day he told her that NO MATTER WHAT they were now starting a SECOND fund to support her intuitve painting habit. And his bones continuing to be jumped. :)

So if you’re feeling like your aliveness on ALL levels could use a bit of a wake-up call, come and paint with me!

You NEVER know what might happen.

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