Love Open

I make magic art studios where women can rediscover the gift of their unique, authentic voice and are encouraged and supported to express themselves fully, wildly, passionately and creatively without fear, shame or judgment.

I make sacred circles of community where women can be nurtured, celebrated and empowered by being seen, heard and witnessed with compassion, camaraderie, laughter, tears and love.

I make sanctuaries of permission for women to reclaim their feminine birthright of wholeness through connection to their wondrous and miraculous bodily experience, their multi-faceted and rich emotional life and the deep and ancient wisdom of their intuition.

I make holy temples of silence, spaciousness and inner stillness where women can find their own relationship to soul, spirit and the creative-goddess-within through paint, paper, color and an open heart.

What is the beauty that YOU are making in the world today?