Things I Know For Sure In This Time Of Uncertainty

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Articles | 0 comments

Things I know for sure in this time of uncertainty:
Even in the best of times, life is a scary, confusing, overwhelming shitshow threaded through with tendrils of grief and disappointment and heartache.
Even in the worst of times life is a beautiful, amazing, miraculous temple of overwhelming wonder threaded through with tendrils of courage and magic and outrageous joy.
Love heals.
Everything you love you will lose.
Humans will make art NO MATTER WHAT.
Becoming fully human is the only thing really worth doing.
Curiosity is a superpower.
Everything changes ALL the fucking time.
Believing that we are in control of ANYTHING ever is our most treasured illusion.
We’re all going to die.
I love you.
AND… One of the best ways I know how to BE with the uncertainty from a place of willingness and courage is to spend time in sacred community while making art from your heart and soul.
So come and join me for two days of diving deep into whatever needs to be healed and held with exquisite compassion and radical self acceptance using the process of painting from your true and authentic self during my final online painting retreat of the year which is happening first weekend of December.



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