At the core of all resistance is a deep longing.

There’s something that you want. And you want it bad. But you’re afraid to let yourself really want it because you imagine that you will be disappointed. You don’t think you can bear the disappointment. You can’t see anything on the horizon BUT disappointment.

So you dig in your heels in terms of taking any action at all.

Resistance also has what I call a Crappy Crystal Ball. It predicts the future, but it’s always a NEGATIVE future filled with horrors and terrors and suckiness.

The CCB tells you that what you want to create or achieve or accomplish is going to be too hard, too frustrating, too impossible. So why even bother.

Resistance hijacks your capacity to imagine, but it never imagines anything GOOD.

However there is a secret to understanding resistance. Underneath resistance is ALWAYS a whole lot of excitement masked by fear. Resistance is actually the souls code telling you precisely what you need to do next on your creative journey. It’s a clue to how to access your full-on creative aliveness.

Knowing how to decipher the true meaning of that code actually gives you the exact OPPOSITE message of the Crappy Crystal Ball.

So if some part of you is resisting something it’s a pretty sure bet that is EXACTLY the place you need to be heading towards. The more the resistance the more you REALLY want the thing you are resisting with such gusto!

Resistance is another face of fear and fear always wants us to keep still. To stay where we are. Frozen, paralyzed and unmoving.

The magic-potion antidote for fear AND to resistance is taking action. No matter how small. Once you make a move of any kind the spell of the resistance will be often be broken.

So throw away that crappy crystal ball. Take ONE eensy-weensy, tiny step forward. And watch the resistance begin to magically melt away.

Until, of course, it arises again. And you can be guaranteed it WILL rise again. But NOW you know exactly what to do when that happens.


My dear creative pal Andrea Schroeder and I are offering an online webinar class to support you in gaining skills and tools to help you move through YOUR dance with resistance with greater ease and flow on Tuesday, August 23rd from 11 AM- 3 PM PST. And the cost is only $37!!

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