Someone asked me recently how to develop a life that is based on a commitment to love instead of allowing fear to run the show.

And I told them that I simply make the choice to concentrate on love. When it speaks, I listen. I do what it tells me. I don’t argue with it or try to dodge it.

I cultivate love. Become devoted to it. Make it a priority.

Love is where I focus my attention. As much as humanly possible. I don’t waste as much time on fear because it’s just not very much fun.

I pay attention to what has energy and juice and aliveness for me ( some other names for love). I notice it. And then I do those things. I follow those threads. Every day. Multiple times a day. No matter what anyone else thinks.

And the more I do it, the more it feeds on itself. That’s where the practice comes in. I do those things that feed love.

I don’t make the choice to engage with the things that feed fear… at least most of the time.

So the love gets bigger. And the fear gets smaller.

It seems like magic. But it’s only the hard work miracle of disciplining yourself to keep your eyes OFF the crap and on the prize.

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