That thing that is right in front of you
That issue or situation that keeps bringing you to your knees
That you seemingly can’t escape
Desperately wanting to avoid
Hoping it will stop or go away

The one where you tell yourself
If only I could be rid of this hell
Then my life could truly begin

This pain
This problem
This frustration
This distress
This grinding darkness
This unhealable wound
Is the portal into your most profound initiation

This place of aversion is where true wisdom resides
This is the key that will unlock every door
If only you dare to stoop to the ground
And pick it up from the shards of your fantasy
About how you thought your life was supposed to be

Sit with it
Sit IN it
Stop running and stand your ground
Breathe with it and through it
Don’t flinch or shy away from the intensity of what it is trying to show you
It’s not trying to torture you

It’s asking you to be present to a great and sacred task
It’s asking you to be present to what has been given to you to heal
It’s asking you to transform
To dare to make yourself whole and holy again

Be bold
Be still
Be open
Be here

All your soul has ever wanted
Was for you to be free

It’s time to say yes to that freedom
By claiming these shackles as your own to redeem

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