There’s no right way or wrong way to respond to the tragedy and destruction, turmoil, crisis and devastation that is our world right now.
Some of us are prayers. Some of us are doers. Some of us respond with startling immediacy. Some of us need time and space for the events to simmer and marinate before we can make a response. Some of us are passionately driven to make changes in the outer political system. Some of us are passionately driven to make art that shifts our inner perspective.
Some of us are healers whose work it is to minister to and midwife the channels of grief and the broken hearts. Some of us are warriors crying out for justice and the fierce need to transform how things have always been done.
If you are feeling outrage or anger or the need to fight back, open fully to your warrior spirit and help us to see how righteous action can be a powerful healing balm.
If you are brought to your knees in grief and can’t get up off the floor for three days, know that you are crying for us all.
If you are feeling joyful and grateful for the gift of your own life, revel unabashedly in that sweetness.
All of us are in this together. And all of what you have to offer is needed and necessary right now. Trust in your innate genius and your own organic response. You have a gift to bring to what is happening in the world today.
And all that is being asked of you is what is asked of you every single day. Open to that gift. Trust it. Get out of the way and allow it to be expressed. Don’t hold anything back. Be fully and unequivocally alive.
That is enough. And has always been enough. And always WILL be enough.

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