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I’m getting really excited about my upcoming class with my pal Andrea Schroeder, Resistance Rx: Magic Mojo for Mucho Creative Momentum.

And preparing myself for this class has me thinking a lot about the topic of resistance as something that creative folks deal with CONSTANTLY. If you commit yourself to a creative path you are also opening the door to that ongoing push-pull between creative desire and the inner obstructions to manifesting that desire.

Resistance is a hard one for many folks because on some level it doesn’t make any sense. How could you NOT want to do something so wonderfully delicious and amazing as your creative work?

Why would you block yourself around doing what you love? Why would you seemingly willfully halt your progress towards making your creative dreams come true? Why would you not make time and space for what so obviously nurtures your soul?

It’s one of those dilemmas that makes any artist or creative person absolutely cuckoo!

And creates a boatload of shame and self doubt because it simply doesn’t compute. A lot of people also feel like they are alone in this process. That they are the only person on the planet who is stuck in this seemingly weird way.

So first of all, I want to say that resistance is completely normal.

And ONE of its purposes is to protect your heart from being hurt.

Yes… I said your heart. Because true creativity always asks for a high level of vulnerability. It’s the vulnerability of revealing yourself by expressing who you are and what you love through your art. Our creative expression goes hand in hand with wanting to be seen. And valued. Appreciated and loved.

And there’s no guarantee that what we create and who we are will NOT be rebuffed or ignored or criticized.

We so long for that experience of having our creative manifestations joyfully received. But because we assume, based on past painful experiences, that it WON’T happen, we shut our creativity down before we even start.

So when you find yourself in a place of resistance, one way to work with it is to pay attention to your fantasies about the future. Notice who it is that first comes to mind when you imagine showing your art.

Is it a friendly person or is it someone who doesn’t make you feel safe and accepted? If you’re in high resistance it’s likely that you’ve got that unfriendly person front and center in your mind.

Which means you are already unconsciously preparing yourself for rejection.

So one way to work with this version of resistance is to bring to mind someone who loves you. It might be a real living person. It might be an angel or Quan Yin or a spirit guide. But it needs to be someone who you can trust to treat you very well.

Imagine THEM seeing your art. Imagine them wildly and enthusiastically celebrating you.

Then notice how that loving vision of this loving person feels in your body and heart. And see if it melts your resistance even the tiniest little bit and opens some space and excitement and enthusiasm for jumping back into your creative flow.


Me and my dear friend Andrea Schroeder are putting together an online webinar class on Tuesday, August 23rd between 11 AM and 3 PM PST called Resistance RX where we are going to take you through a fun, creative process designed to help you be in relationship to resistance in a WHOLE new liberated way!

And the cost is only $37 for a deep dive into healing your patterns around resistance!

For more info and to register click on the link below:


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