Real is gutsy. Real is vulnerable. Real is raw. And bodacious. Real is at the core of everything. Real is something that you can feel. It resides in the heart and the belly much more so than in the mind.

Real is authentic power. Real is where you draw the line. Real makes you laugh as well as cry. Real will piss you off and bring you to your knees. Real is messy. Real is sweaty. Real is something that you can’t control.

Real is scary because the only way to truly love and be loved is if you are real. And the most terrifying thing in the world is love. Real is naked need. Real is true desire. Real is where magic resides.

Real needs safety and support to thrive but is the source of of every ounce of courage that we possess when we need to face our fear. Being in the presence of what is real is always an honor and a privilege.

Real is the path to truth. Real is the way home. Real the birthplace of our every longing. Real is the only way we can access the mystery. Real is our connection to the divine.

Real is how we’re born. Real is how we’ll die. Real is all there is.

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