Almost There

I just recently launched my very first online intuitve painting class.

And I began that project in August of 2012. Which means that it took me about two and a half years to complete the process and get this thing alive and out the door.

Another part of that journey that is totally fascinating from an astrological perspective is that I began that project at the very beginning of a massive astrological event, otherwise known as the Pluto-Uranus square.

I wrote about this in more detail here and here but the short version is that two of the heavy transformational hitters of the zodiac …. Pluto- the arbiter of radical renewal through the death/ rebirth process and Uranus- liberation through shocking and revolutionary change… have been banging up against each other in an attempt to break down limiting and oppressive societal and personal situations as well as outmoded belief structures since the middle of 2012.

There have been seven of these Pluto/Uranus events and the last one is occurring this week, bringing us to the end of this particular cycle.

The past three years have been a sometimes grueling, often disturbing, seemingly unending process of slip-sliding transition, rocky instability, startling change and revolutionary upheaval. This process has been happening in both in the inner world of the psyche and the outer world of politics, the environment and societal norms.

No one has escaped this process of shake down and shake up. If your life is still essentially the same now as it was three years ago I suspect that you have been in a cryogenic deep freeze. Or perhaps you’ve been vacationing on another planet.

Even though this acute and active part of the process is coming to a close there will still be ripple effects from the turbulence that has been created for some time to come. We have been demanded to wake up and the planetary energies are not about to let us go back to sleep.

This coming week promises to bring more shifts and changes. But one of the things that spirit is trying to teach us through this process is how to maintain flexibility and fluidity. How to let go. And how to trust that there is a greater intelligence at work in our personal lives and the life of the planet. So keep breathing and allowing whatever needs to change … to change.

When I look back over these three years in terms of my relationship to this online class I am amazed at the amount of growth I had to go through in order to bring this thing to fruition.

I needed to shift out of a mindset of “This is impossible” to “How can I make this work?” I tried various approaches that failed miserably and also cost me a LOT of money. There were some very expensive mistakes where I learned a great deal and that also required me to forgive myself again and again around what I didn’t know. I needed to heal some deep levels of fear around becoming more visible and being seen. I had to claim my authority and mastery around my teachings. And surrender even more deeply to spirit as I allowed creative wisdom to flow freely through me and to my students.

My sense of who I am and what is possible is radically different from having gone through this portal of disruption and transformation. And my class is being birthed almost to the DAY of the final square, which is a humbling reminder once again of how little I am in charge of just about anything.

So what I wanted to suggest that you do at this point in the astrological journey is to take some time to look back over the last three years of YOUR life.

What seeds were planted for you sometime around June of 2012? What has changed, died, disappeared, been transformed, blown up, dissolved and shaken to the core in you? And what has been reborn? What is being created? Where have doors been opened and possibilities expanded since we started this wild and wacky ride into a bigger version of our lives and ourselves so many moons ago?

And if you want to share with me any part of your process of awakening and liberation, feel free to do that in the comments below. I love knowing that I am not alone on this journey of opening up to creative freedom and aliveness!