Heart Opening


What an powerful couple of weeks it has been!

If you are new to my work, you might not know that I am an astrologer as well as being the Wild Heart Queen of all things creative. Which means that I will often mention and explore astrological trends and how they could possibly be impacting everyone’s world.

The big astro news over the most recent holiday was that there was a full moon in the sign of Cancer on Christmas day… something that hasn’t happened in 38 years.

Cancer is a water sign and rules the inner worlds of deep feeling and profound emotion.

When Cancer shows up on the scene it is time to feel, feel, feel. To open completely to our sensitivity. To not hold anything back. To allow our emotions to become intense and all consuming.

We have a LOT of prohibitions against feeling that much in this culture. That much vulnerability is embarrassing and shameful. We can only cry or grieve for so long before it is suggested we might need professional help or pharmaceutical intervention.

Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother.

She who is attuned to our deepest needs and our most tender heart. She shows up on the scene to invite our needy little inner child out into the light of her love to be seen and held. Comforted and loved. Witnessed and nurtured.

She is also there to help us open the door to all the hidden hurts, the broken hearted pain, howling grief, unbearable loss, and searing rejection that lives in us whether we want to admit it or not.

We tend to suppress and ignore those raw and hurting places inside our bodies and soul on a regular basis. We are taught to fear our emotions and to do whatever we can to keep them under tight control. But we do so at our own peril.

Because once we stop making space for the aching sadness and sorrow, we also close the door to the miracle of love, the nourishment of joy, the wisdom of compassion, the comfort of warmth, the deliciousness of sweetness and an ever opening heart.

This has been an extremely fierce year for just about everyone that I know.

Lots of really overwhelming personal challenges and losses have been part of the fabric of most people’s lives. And the events of the larger world… the shootings and racial tensions in the US, the plight of the refugees, terrorism and anxieties about climate change are things that we can no longer keep out of our awareness.

We are ALL feeling everything on a global scale like never before.

And we need time and space to just allow the tears to flow. To be scared and cranky and irritable. To grieve deeply. To release and to let go. It’s also REALLY crucial that we be incredibly gentle with ourselves And to be around people that we love and love us so that we can feel some sense of safety and security in this topsy-turvy world.

I’ve been crying a lot the past week. And not always knowing why. But trusting in my heart to take me where I need to go to heal and reconnect with my deepest self.

If you have been puzzled by all the emotional intensity in yourself or those around you, I hope this helps give you some understanding from an astrological perspective.

And just know you are not alone. We ARE all in this together. And the more we can be compassionately tender with ourselves, the more tenderness we can bring to this confused, hurting and beautiful world.