Kindness rocks

In preparation for the upcoming class Resistance RX: Magic Mojo for Much Creative Momentum, I have been thinking a LOT about creative resistance.

What it is. What it isn’t. How it works. And how to deal with it when it inevitably shows up.

When I hear folks talk about their resistance they often frame it as them being unmotivated, or lazy or stubborn or worst of all… Self Sabotaging!

Of course, the first thing I notice when I hear those descriptions is how terribly critical and un-compassionate they are. But what really troubles me more than anything is that ALL those characterizations are patently untrue!

What I rarely hear people say when talking about their resistance… and what is much really much more accurate… is that they are grieving. Or angry. Or scared.

Resistance is always a protective mechanism for emotions that are too painful or taboo for us to allow ourselves to feel.

Just recently I had a woman in one of my workshops who was there because even though she allowed herself to do all kinds of creative craft projects, she had been resisting painting. For years.

And she finally found the courage to come and work with me.

She started painting and at first was amazed by how joyful and free she felt.
But soon after, she was overcome with incredible sadness as she got in touch with how much she had wanted to go to art school when she was a young woman. But was told by her family that they wouldn’t support her in her dream unless she had a clear plan for what she was going to do with that schooling to make money once she graduated.

So she didn’t go. And carried that grief with her for years. And it was that grief that kept her from claiming herself as a painter and an artist.

So next time you are facing YOUR resistance and you find yourself tempted to call yourself all kinds of unkind names, take a moment to ask yourself what is REALLY going on for you on a deeper emotional level.

And make some space for love to hold your authentic emotional truth for why you might be resisting something that you really want to do.


Resistance RX: Magic Mojo For Mucho Creative Momentum is coming up soon ( Tuesday, August 23rd 11 AM- 3 PM PST) and we have a holy-hells amazing group of people gathered and a lot of magic in store for YOU!

We are so excited to share this with you.

This is going to be hugely transformational, healing and magical.
(Probably in exactly the ways you least expect, which is what tends to happen in these things)

I for one, can’t wait for the resistance healing party to begin.


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