Creative Joy

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Her invitation is always the same

“Come and play” says she

Let’s explore and uncover together

Another of the many vast worlds

That you hold inside your wild creative heart

She knows the way

Her compass is unfailing

She is eager to lead us

On deep diving expeditions

Into the watery dreamtime

Of places like

The Ocean Of Iridescence

Where we soon find ourselves bobbing back to the surface

With armfuls of oil pastels

Clutched tightly and greedily to our bodies

Melting into our bellies and fingers

With the heat of our longing to create

Or with rainbows of paint

Streaming in many hued brilliant rivulets down our arms and legs

Dissolving every last bit of us

Into tributaries of magenta, and turquoise and chartreuse

At another time

She joyfully encourages us to boldly stride

Into the Crystalline Castle of Words

Inviting the magic spellcasting of appellations

Such as “transcendence” and “luscious” and “wormhole” and “squabble”

To swirl around us

Entering our eyes and our ears

As sparkling points of radiant light

Swallowing them whole in big gulps of nourishing wisdom

Taking them deep into our bones

Where they alchemize into something holy and true

And come tripping across our tongues

As story and poem and sacred inspiration

She is insatiable, this one

Our heart, our muse

Always hungry for another chance

To bring together startling images

Multi-layered feelings

And celestial sound

Into dazzling new patterns never before seen

She doesn’t understand why we once again refuse her call

“What do you mean?” She asks incredulously

How could answering that email

Running that errand

Or proving your value

By being dutiful and responsible yet again

Be more enticing than these worlds of delight and magic

That are your all too human birthright?

How can you so often rebuff my summons to enter

Into these luminous landscapes of artistry and adventure

Of imagination and enchantment

Of invention and innovation

That are always just one brushstroke, one keystroke, one lilting breath of melody away

From the hurried fretfulness of your anxious life

“But I will never give up” says she

I have a sacred task to perform

You can count on me to be relentless

And constant

And ever present in reminding you

That your true home has always been

And always will be

In the lands of creative joy



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