The Creativity Goddess Does Not Take NO For An Answer

by | Apr 1, 2010 | Articles | 7 comments

I have been involved in the world of blogging and making online connections for the past year and a half.

And it’s been an exciting new adventure for an old dog like me. I’m 57 and most of my peers can send an email and surf the web but don’t really understand the amazing sense of community that is created through blogging.

I have also been blown away by the dynamic aliveness and richness of the CREATIVE community that is present online. It’s so magical to find these (mostly) young women who are incredibly talented and passionate and inspiring through their art and writing.

Who are bringing the message that creativity is a spiritual and emotional healing process that is available to anyone and everyone. Who are spreading the gospel that each and every one of us is a creative being and that creativity is an essential part of a deeply fulfilling life.

I just adore these girls, and feel so grateful that they are now part of my circle of creative sisters.

Just recently Connie Hozvicka, who is part of that tribe and has a fantastic blog at, attended one of my Painting From The Wild Heart weekend retreats.

She and I had been having an online relationship since last year and I was already deeply touched by her openhearted and generous spirit. But meeting her in person last weekend was a whole other experience. I don’t think it’s possible to meet that girl and not fall head over heels in love!

Some of it was that we are both Polish and had some weird childhood things in common. For example, being expected to eat bizarre foods like czernina (ducks blood soup) and kielbasa as well as knowing more than we ever wanted to know about bootlegging whiskey and playing cards!

But our real connection was our deep and abiding devotion to the goddess of creativity. When Connie came to the workshop it was clear from the start that she immediately GOT IT. She understood about the power of surrendering to the creative flow, the deep truth that resistance is futile and the magical reality that our paintings and creations are living beings who need to be listened to and respected and loved.

She also got that if she didn’t follow the directives of the creativity goddess and let her highness run the creative show she was in for a heap of trouble!

But here… I’ll let Connie speak for herself. She is in my studio talking about her experience at the Painting From The Wild Heart workshop and the intuitive painting process.

It’s my first attempt at making a video and editing it on my own which was way more fun than I thought it was going to be and a creative venture all it’s own.


If you would like to have a direct experience of your creative muse mercilessly bossing you around I have a couple of upcoming workshops that can support you to hear the voice of your creativity coming through loud and clear.

The Point Of Greatest Aliveness. Wild Heart Painting As A Spiritual Practice, April 16-20 at my studio in Oakland CA.

For more info click here.

ARTSOUNDYOU! An Intuitive Painting, Sacred Sound and Healing Drumming workshop, that I am co-leading with Fabeku Fatunmise, May 16-20, just outside of Portland, OR.

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  1. AMEN!
    I will be 56 in June and I have found the internet to be such a FABULOUS community of GREAT artists who share.
    This video brought tears to my eyes!
    This for sure made me realize I HAVE TO TAKE YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM!!!

  2. Very powerful video!

    (P.S. I also noticed that Connie is very color-coordinated with her bird painting! :)

  3. I adore you Miss Chris!! Thank you for providing such a warm, nurturing–but Goddess challenging environment. I know this is only the first of many retreats with you to come…I’m going to consider it a Goddess Check-Up!!!

    Big hugs and Lots of LOVE!!!!

  4. Thank you both for sharing this video. The power and heartfelt emotion has me sitting here in tears. Not sure why, but it’s okay.
    Thank you. Thank you. peace and blessings to you both, Sandy

  5. What joy to see two of my favorite creative souls connect on such a significant and magical level! Connie, thank you for sharing your brilliant inner creative goddess gleanings and knowings! I was so happy to have Chris show me around her magical studio in February. What a marvelous creative haven Chris has created. Love you both!

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