Power Sceptre Girls

I just finished up my most recent The Art Of Goddess Creation retreat and was blown away, as always, by the depth of courage and healing and sheer creative amazingness that happens when a group of women devotes themselves to their unique creative process for five days!

These workshops that are focused on claiming your inner goddess archetypes are relatively new for me. This most recent one is only the third one I have facilitated. So they are growing and changing as I grow and change in my understanding of what it truly MEANS to claim that sacred energy of your divine feminine nature.

One thing I do know for sure is that this goddess journey has to do with women owning their power. And power is one of those things that is in serious need of being redefined.

Power is often a scary word for women. It’s a quality that has a bad rap because it’s seen as only negative. Only damaging. Only dangerous.

Many people have had experiences where someone held power OVER them and then abused that power causing pain and trauma and hurt. Which leads them to view all power as something terrible and threatening.

But there is another way of being in relationship to power that is incredibly life affirming and healing. Where power can be a very good thing leading to positive and loving outcomes.

It’s what I call the Centered In Yourself Way Of Power.

Power is the ability to tap into your authentic life force and make things happen. To affect and CREATE your world. There is no true creativity without that willingness to step into your power and

Your creativity is born out of your gifts. And power is the courageous willingness to stand proudly in the bounty of those gifts and allow them to visibly shine out into the world.

This Centered In Yourself way of power does not take anything away from anyone else. In fact it not only increases your sense of inner confidence but also leads to greater sense of connection.

Being centered in your power makes more space for others, not less. It invites, inspires and gives those who find their way into your centered power orbit the permission to honor and proclaim THEIR power and gifts. It creates a circle where everyone is seen and encouraged and CELEBRATED for being a powerful being who can joyfully manifest many amazing and magical things and experiences.

What I’m describing here is the experience of shared power. Of power being something that everyone can have at the same time. It’s the concept of power as an abundant resource, available to all, and not just limited to the few.

Without the capacity to access our inner spiritual and creative power we often feel disconnected and lost. Empty and even depressed.

So my Art Of Goddess Creation workshops are really an attempt to bring power out of the closet and back into the circle of life as something beautiful and vital and a holy blessing. Power as an act of sacred generosity given wholeheartedly and lovingly to the people in your community.

And my prayer for you is that you find your way to joyfully expressing YOUR own divine feminine power in the best way possible for YOU!

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