Folks keep asking me when, when, WHEN is the astrological whirlwind going to stop.





But here’s the deal, dear wild hearted wonders, it’s NOT stopping.



The cosmic plan is for us to get used to this new level of intensity. And energy. We’re being asked to expand and get BIGGER.




To shake off the shackles and become more and more who we were meant to be. We all have important work to do and that’s only going to happen when we ( more or less) willingly walk away from those ancient stories of inadequacy, not good enoughness and our allegiance to what keeps us small.




And THEN to fully and unapologetically step into love. Our natural gifts. And our shining light.




Another question I keep getting is how to DEAL with the intensity that is coming our way. This may sound counterintuitive, but because it IS so intense we need to spend time being quiet and having downtime WITH ourselves… resting and praying and meditating.




And spending as much time as possible in nature. Get your toes in the dirt. Hug a tree. Hang out in the non verbal world of silence with rocks and water.



Make sure to pay attention to the basics. Keeping yourself well fed, well hydrated and getting enough sleep.




Spend time just hanging out with folks you love. Laughing, talking , taking walks, sharing your heart and feelings.


Keep your community connections vital.



But the other thing that will help a TON is amping up whatever practices keep you connected with your creative and spiritual source.



More art. More dancing. More writing from your soul. More of whatever makes you feel the most alive.


And if you would like to get MORE info about how these turbulent times are affecting YOU astrologically click on the link below and sign up for an astrological reading with me.

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